I am always seeking out new team members for the stable of slaves that collectively make up Team Darcy. I require New York City slaves for numerous tasks on a daily basis and an assortment of remote/long distance slaves to handle my administrative work. I could not do what I do without my team. Regardless of your location or position, in order to apply you must be a dedicated, service-oriented submissive focused on making my life easier in any way that you can.

You will work together with the team to anticipate my needs and ensure my expectations are exceeded. For instance, I would like assurance that someone is waiting to drive me home to a sparkling clean apartment without having to ask. The remote service team will occasionally participate in team meetings or have the opportunity to brief me on their work via Skype in a succinct and professional manner. Ultimately I need to be able to focus on my business endeavors and social engagements instead of having to deal with menial tasks.

I am open to males, females, transgender slaves, sissies, and everything in between, as long as you are loyal and dependable. You must be able to focus on service to me above and beyond your kinks, and only in this manner will we broach the subject of your kinks at all. To apply, you must have at least eight hours a week to dedicate to me, be it running errands, picking up packages, developing graphics or simply waiting and hoping for me to contact you while you are on-call.

  • 18 - 60 years old
  • Male, Female, Transgendered
  • Minimum 8 hours a week to be dedicated to Mistress Darcy
  • Service-oriented, loyal and focused
  • Enjoys high protocol service
  • Willing to collaborate with other team members
  • Honest at all times and not in the habit of over-promising
  • Willing to sign an NDA with real name
  • Patient and able to learn on the job
  • Chauffeur
  • Maid/Butler
  • Errand boy/girl
  • Meal planning/preparation
  • Shopping
  • Ebay listings/processing
  • Package pick up/returns
  • Coffee delivery or preparation
  • Handyman/DIY
  • Social media coordinator/analyst
  • Digital graphic creation/editing
  • Administrative/Secretarial
  • Marketing
  • Podcast/webinar coordination and planning
  • Research and analysis
  • Virtual shopper/stylist
  • Live and/or works within 60 minutes of New York City
  • Clean cut, professional and presentable
  • Discreet and respectful of my privacy
  • Good-smelling, including liberal use of breath fresheners
  • Trustworthy