An invitation to join me in the Dominican Republic this fall…

For those of us who work (a great deal too) hard, fantasies of a week on the beach can be the only thing that gets us through those grueling stress patches that seem to get more and more common with each passing year. Fortunately with increased stress comes increase relaxation: the more I take on, the more I allow myself to let loose when it comes time to get on a plane. This fall I’m participating in the Domme Trips vacation to the Dominican Republic and it promises to make all of my hectic summer worthwhile.

A week in the glorious DR (October 18th-25th) with some of the world’s top Dommes: drinking, parties, playtime, stunning beaches and seaside cabanas. Basically paradise. Some of my best friends in the industry will be there: Mistress Absolute, Mistress Jezabel, and Kirsty of Slaughterhouse Couture, plus over a dozen more gorgeous pro and lifestyle Dommes. All expenses paid once you arrive: just strip down and gear up for relaxation and filthy fun.

UPDATE: I am now fully sponsored for the trip. Thank you to all who inquired about the opportunity.

Now accepting applications for a well-dressed and professional boy in his 20’s-30’s available to serve as a personal slave, official title “errand boy.” Must be polite, intelligent, capable and charming. Ideal candidate is available a minimum of 5 hours per week in Manhattan. Previous office experience a plus.

Responsibilities include:

  • fetching coffee
  • grocery shopping
  • word processing
  • data entry
  • researching travel/accommodations
  • copy editing
  • dry cleaning and laundry drop-off
  • phone and email communication
  • internet research


Many of you were familiar with my old news page…you know…the one with travel announcements, philosophical musings, and the occasional video of a slave licking piss off my floor. All of that is GONE now thanks to a web server crash some weeks ago, but the good news is we are up and running again on a much better server and hopefully that will never, ever happen again. So check back here for updates on travel, wardrobe, gossip, kinky secrets revealed and naked photos of hot slaves getting brutally gang raped, etc etc.

Oh and, if you haven’t emailed me in some time and want to be notified of my travel schedule, i.e. when I will be in a city near you, please send me an email so I can get you in my database once more (all email contacts were lost as well).