I am very pleased to announce my sponser for this year’s Dommetrips excursion: slave E┬áhas won the incredible honor of accompanying me to the Dominican Republic this year. He is polite, very intelligent, and hails from Scandinavia. He’ll be flying out to New York first then accompanying me on the flight to the DR where we will have 8 days of relaxation in the Dominican sunshine. He’s got a cozy cabana to himself and has sprung for a seaside villa for his Mistress a few doors down…meaning ample space for playtime but privacy when I need it. I’m looking forward to abusing his ass and face indoors and humiliating the crap out of him outdoors at the beach. Hopefully he survives, I don’t think he’s been in 24/7 for this long, ever! Thank you slave E for being up to the challenge.