I get correspondance about once a week from fellow Mistresses wondering where the best places to advertise are. With Pro-Domming taking off as much as it has recently–and hence directories taking off as well–it can be hard to know where to take your advertising budget. $500 doesn’t actually go very far these days, and most Dommes end up having to be very selective about where they end up advertising. If you’re a new Domme it can be very discouraging trying to get your name out there with very little capital behind you, especially now that the much-loved london-mistresses.com is down. Fortunately there are still a few great options out there.

One of the most reliable directories I have found in the UK is based in London. www.mistresses-in-london.co.uk

The directory host is smart, friendly, responsive, and extremely fair. He never bombards you with unwanted “offers” or spammy-type email blasts and gets all updates done within a matter of days. Best of all: he is very reasonable. There’s a few directories that have surfaced recently that charge more than they should for the amount of traffic they yield, but www.mistresses-in-london.co.uk has led to at least one booking on each of my trips to London…and all for a very reasonable monthly price.

I also recommend three other sites:

www.uk-mistress-directory.co.uk – which I understand is going to be getting a major facelift in the next few months.

www.eliteukmistresses.co.uk – a fairly new site, but I think one which will rise up the ranks pretty soon.

uk-mistress-directory.com – I believe this site is free to advertise on. Free! Can’t beat that.

If you’re thinking of starting as a Domme in the UK, or even just revamping your advertising in the next few months, I really recommend reaching out to these directories. All of the emails are listed on the websites, but for easy access to Mistresses in London just contact info@mistresses-in-london.co.uk.