New slave review from an awesome humiliation session I had in London last month. Photo is actually from that very session! Not photoshopped, not posed. The slave took it at my command from the floor. Wasn’t it sweet of him to write up his favorite moments?


i was lucky enough to have my first session with Mistress Darcy recently (3rd August to be exact). Having contacted Mistress a few months ago by email and arranged our session with a few emails and one brief but captivating phone call i was literally aching to see Her by the time the day of the session came around. We had agreed on a role-play scenario; Darcy, the popular girl at school but also somewhat of  a bully would serve detention with meek and mild me (little suspension of disbelief needed on either of our parts there).

As i arrived at the venue as instructed, i emailed Mistress to inform Her i was there. i had been told we would be straight into our roles and so we were; Darcy the popular girl from school opened the door to inform me the teacher was away to lunch and all students with detention (Darcy and i) were to await the teachers return inside. i introduced myself in character and received a brief disdainful glance and a snort from the most captivating, beautiful and charismatic Woman i had ever seen.

However, Darcy soon had errands to run which i, attempting to ingratiate myself, tried to complete, including taking pictures of this Goddess. After a short while the catty comments came from Darcy calling me “fat” and laughing at me. When i suggested She “stop being a bitch” the icy look and simple question “what did you call Me” from Darcy made my blood run cold and i actually began to shake. Still in character i calmly tried to tell her not to call me names, but my rhetoric was cut off with an almighty slap to my face, which made my ears ring. My retort of “hey!” and a brief, stern advance was cut short by a hefty kick, which landed squarely to my testicles and had me doubled over on the floor, where Darcy wasted no time in administering a vicious beat down. i was genuinely scared, shaken and hurt but tried to challenge the little slip of a female in front of me; after all i was surely over half a foot taller at least and several stones heavier. More excruciating kicks to my balls, full bodied slaps and punches and another brutal beat down put paid to my ideas though; the ongoing torture and humiliation after stripped me of any tiny strips of dignity or pride especially when she actually stripped me, ripping my clothes off and tearing my shirt away without me knowing she would do it in the slightest. The buttons went flying and soon i was naked. Then i was taken to the bathroom when i got over amorous and suggested Darcy looked so beautiful that she and i should fuck; Darcy agreed and asked me to strip, teasing me with the promise of going down on Her. However, instead of her delightful feminine taste, i had all the delights of the toilet as my head was forced down it and the toilet flushed. In case this did not illustrate my place, Darcy forced me into the bath, naked, where She pissed on me (this occurred several times, my revulsion and indignity never wavering). I could give a full blow-by-blow account of our 2 hours, but i fear i would fail to do it justice. Darcy knew just how to hurt ( the bruises from the caning and flogging lasting for weeks and my balls swelled to twice their normal size) and humiliate (being told my cock was small and pathetic was true but expected, being forced into nappies and having Her insist i wet myself was a new low for me) and always had something different in store; being forced to box her nude then eating my lunch off of her feet AFTER she had chewed it. Surely the final indignity was being told to arm wrestle Her and realizing that if i applied all my strength i could just about eek out a win against a girl half my size. Then She went to shake my hand to congratulate me but used it as a means to pull me towards her and kick me in the balls—again.

In short i have never had a session so intense, so real, so terrifying and wonderful as i had with Mistress Darcy. Roll on her next UK visit. Book a session with her, you will literally love Her.