I am so excited to be sprouting another leaf on my tree of life next month (late November). It has been one of the best years in memory, and next year promises a glorious blossoming of the many wonderful seeds planted in 2012. My slaves, friends, fans and kinky colleagues are some of the best humans I know, and I am so grateful and filled with love and respect for the connections I have in the scene both in the states and abroad. The only way things can get better is with PRESENTS LOTS OF PRESENTS I WANT SHINY PRETTY GIFTS!!!

My top gift request is simply cash contributions via PayPal for the epic Miami Birthday Weekend I am planning November 30-December 2. I rarely throw parties these days so it is kind of a big deal. You may send these via Paypal, email me for details.


My Birthday Wishlist (please include gift receipt with all purchases):

You may purchase and arrange delivery anonymously through my personal assistant at booking@mistressdarcy.com or contact me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com to deliver to me in-person.