I will be celebrating my birthday in Florida this year from November 28-December 3 and will be taking limited sessions on the trip: advanced noticed is definitely required. My availability and dates are:

November 28-30: Orlando (Disney World area)
December 1-3: Miami (South Beach)

December 3 is the best day for sessions, but I am flexible with enough notice. Please note I will be traveling with 3 ProDomme friends if you’re interested in any doubles or triples (Leona Stern and Goddess Cleo from London, and another very in-demand lifestyle Domme friend from New York), as well as my 8-inch English Bull and another male Dom friend of mine. I am free for cuckolding sessions–as long as the Bull hasn’t worn me out too much the night before–and obviously bukkake and forced bi are on the menu with two handsome men in tow. I’ll be doing sessions from my South Beach hotel suite, meaning lots of hand tools, humiliation, and corporal punishment. And anyone who wants a public humiliation session is welcome to try their luck at my actual birthday party. You may not survive till we cut the cake though; 4 Dommes, 2 male Doms and an open bar is a recipe for slave destruction.

Slaves, I have two lifestyle service positions open right now for my new studio in New York and am setting up interviews this month. Both positions are reality-based, D/s focused jobs, i.e. you are being asked to make my life easier. This is not by any means a guarantee of play, although I do occasionally play with my servants based on mood and timing. My reviews should speak clearly about my personality and style (i.e. I strive to create a satisfying, exciting environment at all times), but I do expect a lot out of my slaves in exchange for granting them ownership.

Position 1: Muscleman
-DIY experience
-Vehicle preferable (will need to do some heavy loading this month)
-Competence with light carpentry and power tools a big plus
-Able to finish tasks and stay focused
-Attention to detail
-Not annoying or over-talkative
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Position 2: Nerd
-Above average IQ
-Admin or IT experience a huge plus
-Experience with graphic design or photoshop
-Creative thinker
-Humble and helpful
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Applications should be via email to darcy@mistressdarcy.com. Please state which position you are applying for and include a brief summary of your interests, what you can offer in terms of the above, and a reference from a reputable scene player or professional. Photos are very helpful, vanilla and “normal” if possible. Interviews will be granted based on your application strength and my general read on our compatibility. I also have a position open for a houseboy but I have met with several candidates so far who are great. Will probably make my decision on that this weekend.

I had the opportunity to videotape a fun lifestyle moment while I was in the Dominican Republic. Photo, video, and message from the toilet below. Enjoy!

Golden Shower Video Excerpt

Dear Mistress Darcy:

And as You stated in one of Your newsletters, You do have an amazing bladder capacity. Two of Your golden showers (the one on the lawn and the one in Your room the day You left the Dominican) were by far the largest amount I have ever received. I was actually getting very full. They were both also the longest continuous golden showers I have ever received from a time perspective. I wonder if You may have actually broken Your 2:10 golden shower record that day on the lawn. It seemed to be about the same quantity as the golden shower in Your room the last day which You said was 1:17, but the one on the lawn was delivered so much slower. It took a lot longer to fill up my mouth after each swallow. Too bad You didn’t time it. It would have been a wonderful honor to have been the recipient of Your all-time longest golden shower. Thank you so much from the bottom of my stomach. – Slave g