Slaves, I have two lifestyle service positions open right now for my new studio in New York and am setting up interviews this month. Both positions are reality-based, D/s focused jobs, i.e. you are being asked to make my life easier. This is not by any means a guarantee of play, although I do occasionally play with my servants based on mood and timing. My reviews should speak clearly about my personality and style (i.e. I strive to create a satisfying, exciting environment at all times), but I do expect a lot out of my slaves in exchange for granting them ownership.

Position 1: Muscleman
-DIY experience
-Vehicle preferable (will need to do some heavy loading this month)
-Competence with light carpentry and power tools a big plus
-Able to finish tasks and stay focused
-Attention to detail
-Not annoying or over-talkative
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Position 2: Nerd
-Above average IQ
-Admin or IT experience a huge plus
-Experience with graphic design or photoshop
-Creative thinker
-Humble and helpful
-Loyalty, honesty, and respect….always

Applications should be via email to Please state which position you are applying for and include a brief summary of your interests, what you can offer in terms of the above, and a reference from a reputable scene player or professional. Photos are very helpful, vanilla and “normal” if possible. Interviews will be granted based on your application strength and my general read on our compatibility. I also have a position open for a houseboy but I have met with several candidates so far who are great. Will probably make my decision on that this weekend.