I require maid service in New York at my private play studio. This is a personal slavery position, not a paid position (i.e. you don’t pay me, and I certainly don’t pay you). You must proffer TWO SOLID REFERENCES from women you have served in the past. They may be either lifestyle or professional but must be willing to speak with me on the phone on your behalf. I need someone starting mid-March approximately once per week at my space in the financial district. You must be available for 3-10 hours per week.

Job requirements:

  • Polite: A good attitude is not a preference, it is the first, middle, and last requirement.
  • Adept at house cleaning: sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, polishing, straightening, shining.
  • Not “above” certain jobs, i.e. toilet cleaning, panty washing, etc.
  • Hard worker: you don’t stop until the job is done, even if it stretches over several days.
  • Discreet: what you see and hear in my studio does not get repeated to a single other person on Earth.
  • Not annoying: I don’t know how else to say this.

I will consider both sissie maid gurls and female submissives for this role. There is definitely the possibility for play based on your attitude, your performance, and my mood. The best way to get my attention is to never demand it.

TO APPLY please email me a vanilla photo of yourself and one or two maid photos and age, height, and weight. Explain your background and experience in brief, your location, and your general weekly availability. Don’t forget your references, girls! No applications considered without them.

Back in the Back Bay and feeling cruel. This trip will focus on sadism. I’ll be bringing some of my meaner corporal punishment implements, ball crushers, cock cripplers, nipple demons, and a host of electrics. I can feel my pain-thirst increasing lately (is that mercury in retrograde I hear thrumming in the background?) and anyone who needs anything from a few good lashes to a bruising, bloody beating is welcome to test their mettle against me.

Email in advance, I will not have very many spare hours for newcomers. darcy@mistressdarcy.com

Back in December I posted about roleplay on the Maxfisch boards. I generally integrate some form of psychological power play into my sessions, so naturally roleplay is something that comes up a lot. Plus it’s just fun! I can pretty much accommodate any weird fantasy scenario, but on occasion I need some fresh inspiration. My post generated some excellent ideas from slaves, both publicly on the board and with the scenes I received via email. I did promise a winner though…based totally on my subjective fancy.

After reading everything that came through, I have to say I am most excited by I_scream4u and his unique and creative fantasy about a Mother bird feeding a baby bird. So congratulations, you’re the winner! Feel free to take me up on the free session later this month, email is best but I’ll send you a pm right now as well. However, I am adding my own twist (I hope you didn’t think I was kidding in the post). If we are going to do something let’s do it right! Mommy bird’s don’t just *chew* their food before feeding it back to the baby. It’s already mostly digested…here is his baby bird fantasy, take a look and have a wild guess as to what I have planned.

Second place goes to curiguy for his very erotic tale of relationship therapy. I love any story where the man’s girlfriend has dumped him. Your prize is a dinner with me at some point, wherein you can expound upon the roleplay in person. I’d like to hear what specifically caused the “breakdown” in your fantasy relationship to begin with, and what exact outfit I would be wearing as the therapist.

Anyone else with particularly imaginative or captivating fantasies for roleplay…send them along! darcy@mistressdarcy.com

Spring just makes me all warm and soft inside…

It is with great pleasure that I announce my All Day Toilet sessions are once again on offer. This is an 8 hour period during which time you are “on-call” for all of my evacuatory needs, either strapped to my toilet chair or glued to your phone waiting for emergency piss-texts to come through. Nothing that comes from me will be wasted: piss pot, spittoon, cum dump, compost pile, etc. My current record for a golden shower is 2:30, and I usually use the bathroom at least once per hour. Be prepared for quantity. I will be conducting the All Day Toilet sessions in New York at my private studio while I’m in town, any in most of the cities in which I travel: London, Boston, LA, etc.

  • You must be able to offer a good reference.
  • You must provide a deposit upfront.
  • There is no “play” guaranteed. Though I may insist on it depending on my mood. It is completely at my discretion.
  • I may ask you to stay in the studio in bondage, or I may ask you to roam the neighborhood and wait for my call.
  • All of your hard limits will be honored.

Email darcy@mistressdarcy.com for details about the session. I will begin All Day Toilet sessions in late March and continue through the summer. I take these sessions very seriously as acts of true degradation: although a certain profound bond can be formed via toilet training, during the act I think of my slaves more as toilets than humans. So be prepared for that level of objectification.

I’m not sure why so many kinksters consider this a taboo activity. There are some Dommes and subs who are vehemently opposed to any play that has anything to do with age play. Of course if you were sexually abused when you were younger I can see why it would be a difficult subject that merits total abstinence. Or, and I say this with a straight face, if you or your play partner have certain latent tendencies and are worried that exploring them might ignite forbidden (read: illegal) fantasies, then it is a bad–let’s just say very bad–idea to engage in this kind of scene.  I myself have never been attracted to a child, minor, or infant, and I can state with utter confidence that I never will be. However, many people I know (myself included) didn’t have our first sexual discoveries when we were teenagers; they happened much earlier, before we had the language or even body parts to understand and act on the urges. Thus it seems only natural that for some of us reenacting certain childhood rituals still carries a powerful eroticism with it. I have a huge ageplay interest in terms of Mommy/son, and although I don’t know quite how to explain it I can say that the age I most gravitate towards in my ageplay subs is generally the same age at which I started having those pre-lingual sexual urges. Perhaps it was that I started to notice boys when I was that age, although that still doesn’t account for why I enjoy being the Mommy. Hell, I just like it!

I find it to be one of the most powerful forms of Dominant/submissive bonding in fact. The uneven distribution of power is unquestionable, but so is the level of compassion required. Most of us experienced the purest form of unconditional love when we were children (as opposed to the various diluted forms of complicated love that come with adulthood), and any scene I do with an ageplay submissive inevitably involves the “L” word. I love to love, and we love to be loved, after all. The experience of being loved is so powerful that many subs I know unconsciously transmute love energy into sex energy later in their adult lives. It is a very organic and, when you consider the fundamental need to be loved, sensible transition. The activity, sensation, or image they associated with being loved, cared for, or in the presence of an almighty power–being on the ground and seeing Mother’s feet; breastfeeding; being encased in a blanket; spanking; toilet training–over time also becomes associated with intimacy and vulnerability, and finally sexuality. A fetish is born.

All of this is fresh on my mind because I’ve just ordered a load of diapers and adult baby clothes online. Bursting with kinky love right now and wanting to caretake. If you’re an adult baby or age play enthusiast, and I have made you feel a bit warmer or looked after today in reading this, feel free to drop me an email.

I have a new Bull…bigger, taller, and even crueler than the last one. He’s available March 15-18 here in NYC and wants to meet a few of my cuck slaves. I was hesitant at first because I know what he’s capable of in the bedroom, but he agreed to at least somewhat behave himself in front of company. And anyway, it seems silly to argue with an 8.5 inch dick.

You may well intimidated by the prospect of cuckolding. Perhaps you’ve never done a session with another man in the room, or have always fantasized about what it would actually be like to see your Mistress get fucked but thought it would be ultimately too degrading. So let me set the reality straight for you: this session will be everything you’re afraid of. My Bull will undoubtedly be taller than you and, as a natural dominant, he will put you in your place as easily as a trainer would an animal. His cock will put yours to shame, and he will be doing the very thing you have jerked off about for years, the thing that you will never have the privilege of doing: fucking me. My intention is to introduce you to true sexual inferiority by way of comparison. When he walks in the room you’ll understand why.

And if that idea leaves a bad taste in your mouth…imagine what it will taste like in person.


  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Body: Average/Athletic. Not a bodybuilder, but lean, toned and muscular.
  • Persuasion: Straight male dominant.
  • Dick: 8.5 long by 6.5 wide, UC.

If you’re unfamiliar with my cuckolding sessions you may send me an email to ask about details. They are chiefly humiliation sessions with a strong D/s element. This can include various BDSM activities but know that the session will be rooted in power exchange more than voyeurism. You can see my writings about cuckolding here. It’s one of my great loves because hey, I get to orgasm multiple times and you get to cum once if you’re lucky. I guess it depends on which of my chastity devices are free. You need to get in touch at least a week in advance, and I will need deposits in advance of all sessions.