I have a new Bull…bigger, taller, and even crueler than the last one. He’s available March 15-18 here in NYC and wants to meet a few of my cuck slaves. I was hesitant at first because I know what he’s capable of in the bedroom, but he agreed to at least somewhat behave himself in front of company. And anyway, it seems silly to argue with an 8.5 inch dick.

You may well intimidated by the prospect of cuckolding. Perhaps you’ve never done a session with another man in the room, or have always fantasized about what it would actually be like to see your Mistress get fucked but thought it would be ultimately too degrading. So let me set the reality straight for you: this session will be everything you’re afraid of. My Bull will undoubtedly be taller than you and, as a natural dominant, he will put you in your place as easily as a trainer would an animal. His cock will put yours to shame, and he will be doing the very thing you have jerked off about for years, the thing that you will never have the privilege of doing: fucking me. My intention is to introduce you to true sexual inferiority by way of comparison. When he walks in the room you’ll understand why.

And if that idea leaves a bad taste in your mouth…imagine what it will taste like in person.


  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Body: Average/Athletic. Not a bodybuilder, but lean, toned and muscular.
  • Persuasion: Straight male dominant.
  • Dick: 8.5 long by 6.5 wide, UC.

If you’re unfamiliar with my cuckolding sessions you may send me an email to ask about details. They are chiefly humiliation sessions with a strong D/s element. This can include various BDSM activities but know that the session will be rooted in power exchange more than voyeurism. You can see my writings about cuckoldingĀ here. It’s one of my great loves because hey, I get to orgasm multiple times and you get to cum once if you’re lucky. I guess it depends on which of my chastity devices are free. You need to get in touch at least a week in advance, and I will need deposits in advance of all sessions.