Spring just makes me all warm and soft inside…

It is with great pleasure that I announce my All Day Toilet sessions are once again on offer. This is an 8 hour period during which time you are “on-call” for all of my evacuatory needs, either strapped to my toilet chair or glued to your phone waiting for emergency piss-texts to come through. Nothing that comes from me will be wasted: piss pot, spittoon, cum dump, compost pile, etc. My current record for a golden shower is 2:30, and I usually use the bathroom at least once per hour. Be prepared for quantity. I will be conducting the All Day Toilet sessions in New York at my private studio while I’m in town, any in most of the cities in which I travel: London, Boston, LA, etc.

  • You must be able to offer a good reference.
  • You must provide a deposit upfront.
  • There is no “play” guaranteed. Though I may insist on it depending on my mood. It is completely at my discretion.
  • I may ask you to stay in the studio in bondage, or I may ask you to roam the neighborhood and wait for my call.
  • All of your hard limits will be honored.

Email darcy@mistressdarcy.com for details about the session. I will begin All Day Toilet sessions in late March and continue through the summer. I take these sessions very seriously as acts of true degradation: although a certain profound bond can be formed via toilet training, during the act I think of my slaves more as toilets than humans. So be prepared for that level of objectification.