Back in December I posted about roleplay on the Maxfisch boards. I generally integrate some form of psychological power play into my sessions, so naturally roleplay is something that comes up a lot. Plus it’s just fun! I can pretty much accommodate any weird fantasy scenario, but on occasion I need some fresh inspiration. My post generated some excellent ideas from slaves, both publicly on the board and with the scenes I received via email. I did promise a winner though…based totally on my subjective fancy.

After reading everything that came through, I have to say I am most excited by I_scream4u and his unique and creative fantasy about a Mother bird feeding a baby bird. So congratulations, you’re the winner! Feel free to take me up on the free session later this month, email is best but I’ll send you a pm right now as well. However, I am adding my own twist (I hope you didn’t think I was kidding in the post). If we are going to do something let’s do it right! Mommy bird’s don’t just *chew* their food before feeding it back to the baby. It’s already mostly digested…here is his baby bird fantasy, take a look and have a wild guess as to what I have planned.

Second place goes to curiguy for his very erotic tale of relationship therapy. I love any story where the man’s girlfriend has dumped him. Your prize is a dinner with me at some point, wherein you can expound upon the roleplay in person. I’d like to hear what specifically caused the “breakdown” in your fantasy relationship to begin with, and what exact outfit I would be wearing as the therapist.

Anyone else with particularly imaginative or captivating fantasies for roleplay…send them along!