I have had quite a few of my old regulars (like from 4 years ago) tell me in the past few months that they wish I still kept session hours during the day. I have to email them one by one and correct them, even people I’ve told before. I guess once you are strict about your schedule, even for only a period of time, it sort of stays in people’s minds.

So let me be totally clear: I’m now taking daytime sessions in New York.

I’m free generally from 10am to 10pm and in fact many times daytime is easier for me than night sessions. However, know that I do both, on a regular basis. The real problem is just a scarcity of New York time in general. I’m traveling so much these days that it’s hard for me to have a regular weekly commitment of “office hours” where I am in the city for more than a few days at a time. Which is why the vast majority of the time I only see slaves who can schedule ahead of time. Please read below for a fairly certain outline of my New York dates for the next few months. It may change slightly but I hope to stick to this. Any slots that say New York mean I am in the city and taking appointments.

  • April 16-22 New York
  • May 1-9 New York
  • May 13-16 New York
  • May 21-22 New York
  • June 16-24 New York
  • July 3-10 New York
  • July 14-17 New York
  • August 10-13 New York
  • August 18-31 New York

For those of you unfamiliar, my studio is a spacious and airy loft near Wall Street. With several wardrobes-full of equipment my problem is deciding which things to squeeze into an hour or two and not trying to do too much (see my chastity belt collection above). Though of course if you book an extended session you get to sample quite a bit more, with likely several outfit changes from me. Looking good is half of the pleasure of sessioning, so sometimes I can’t decide between outfits and have to just go with all of them. I do find that New Yorkers are particularly discerning with clothing choices for the Mistresses, so I’m happy to oblige. And my studio is, I have to say, quite stylish as well. I am more the immaculate clinic type than the dark and not-sure-where-that’s-been dungeon type.

Anyone wishing to make an appointment daytime or otherwise please email me as much in advance as you can at darcy@mistressdarcy.com. I do have a rigid screening process, so be prepared for that. But I know that there’s more than a few of you polite, intelligent, adoring men out there who will be really excited to hear you can sneak me in at lunch.