I am crafting a new kind of public session: Degradation Dates. You, me, a restaurant or bar of my choosing, and all the abuse and teasing you can bear in front of the other patrons. Since I’m already doing quite a bit of this by request, I figure I will just make it “a thing” and start advertising it. The fact is, I f**king love it. Perhaps even more than private sessions. I get instantly high off of the delicious knife’s edge between subtle and overt that gets sharper and more dangerous the more people are watching.

I’m not one to walk you down the hallway on a leash–this is much more delicate. Perhaps I bind your hands with a zip tie and you struggle to lift your fork without being noticed. Or I may have–oops!–dropped my used tampon in your coffee cup, but you wouldn’t dare refuse it in front of me would you? The waiter is asking you for your order, and instead I order for you, asking if they have any dog food on the menu; when the waiter chuckles I say completely deadpan, “in that case my ‘unfortunate animal’ will not be eating at all,” and I order a steak for myself.

Many of my Domme friends are interested in joining the fun. In London we have:  Mistress Absolute, Mistress Jezabel, Amy Hunter, Mistress Esme and Rebbeka Raynor. New York includes: Mistress Wynter, Mistress Alex, Mistress Tess, Domina Dante Posh, and my homegirls Leona Stern and Mistress Carly. Imagine a gang of us, three or four of your city’s top Dommes, picking you to pieces over sushi, pawing at your trousers and giggling at what a stuttering imbecile you’ve become. Then we all three sojourn to the ladies room and come back with wine glasses–could it be?–twice as full as when we left! When I say drinks with the girls I guess I mean more, drinks from the girls.

For the emotional masochists, my Bulls love putting on a good show. You could take us shopping for lingerie (j’adore La Perla!), try to catch a glimpse of the merchandise through the dressing room curtains, and then beg to be allowed to join us in private afterwards. Or perhaps I promise you “a romantic night out” over dinner, but when you arrive at the restaurant the waiter shows us to different tables. I enjoy my dinner so much more if I knew you were hunched at the bar, watching. And if his hands start to wander I’ll be sure to throw you a glance and a smile. It’s the least I could do, since you’re getting our tab.

See my homepage for travel dates. I will not be able to accomodate requests for Degradation Dates same-day; since I have to coordinate other people for this please try to give me at least a week’s notice. And we will be going to reputable bars, restaurants and shops, so don’t think you are “getting a deal” with this kind of session. This is an elegant, exquisite form of torture which takes quite a lot of careful planning. Prices will vary based on who is involved, how long, what we are doing, etc. Email me at darcy@mistressdarcy.com to get a quote and to ask about any other basic details.


My good friend Eleise de Lacy has finally launched a brand new ProDomme directory which will be a branch off of her highly successful Femdom clips site, Femme Fatale Films. Anything Eleise does winds up looking incredible, and she has shot some of the best Femdom content on the web, so I know that this new directory is going to be the place to browse for who’s hot in the ProDomme scene. It looks like many of the featured Dommes will be women who have worked with with Femme Fatale before–but not all. And judging from the landing page (*ahem*) they are all drop-dead gorgeous.

Ever since the death of www.london-mistresses.com the scene has been looking for a go-to place to connect slaves with the appropriate Goddess for them. Hogspy is a great way to keep up to date with news in the ProDomme scene, but since it is only a news blog it doesn’t offer a directory element. There are a number of good directories in the UK out there right now, but with so much SEO and copycat-site design it is hard to feel like there any one site that combines all elements of finding a good Domme. Fingers crossed, www.femmefataledirectory.com is just that place. I wish you luck, Eleise!