My good friend Eleise de Lacy has finally launched a brand new ProDomme directory which will be a branch off of her highly successful Femdom clips site, Femme Fatale Films. Anything Eleise does winds up looking incredible, and she has shot some of the best Femdom content on the web, so I know that this new directory is going to be the place to browse for who’s hot in the ProDomme scene. It looks like many of the featured Dommes will be women who have worked with with Femme Fatale before–but not all. And judging from the landing page (*ahem*) they are all drop-dead gorgeous.

Ever since the death of www.london-mistresses.com the scene has been looking for a go-to place to connect slaves with the appropriate Goddess for them. Hogspy is a great way to keep up to date with news in the ProDomme scene, but since it is only a news blog it doesn’t offer a directory element. There are a number of good directories in the UK out there right now, but with so much SEO and copycat-site design it is hard to feel like there any one site that combines all elements of finding a good Domme. Fingers crossed, www.femmefataledirectory.com is just that place. I wish you luck, Eleise!