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SO excited to be back in LA this week. I’ll be in town specifically for an all-day session but do have time for about 3 or 4 new slaves who want an audience with me. I am staying in West Hollywood and doing mostly sessioning out of my rental apartment (awesome roof deck and pool for public humiliation), but do have access to a number of the dungeons around town with enough notice – Submission LA, Dungeon West, IronGate Studio, etc.

I will be packing tons of CP and CBT equipment. Feeling incredibly sadistic lately. Also in my suitcase: electrics, massive dildos, chastity devices, hoods, gags, and basic travel bondage.

My public humiliation sessions (i.e. Degradation Dates) are fair game as well, and I will be able to do doubles with many of the well-known Dommes in LA. Sheri Darling, Justine Cross, Ariana Lexine, and Eden Winter are all friends of mine. The only thing better than me by myself is me with a few girlfriends to goad me on.


Having just received a complimentary CB6000 (handy, but not my first choice), I wanted to take a moment to discuss favorite chastity devices. There are quite a few on the market these days. Chastity cages, full waist belts, urethral insertions, piercing attachments, rings, and of course the dreaded Teeth of Kali. I would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has done extended chastity play with any belts or urethral devices.

Now, I do have about 3 or 4 plastic CB units right now, and while convenient for quickie Pro sessions or caged fun out and about running errands and shopping, they do have their setbacks. I have broken several in the past–well, the SLAVE broke them each time, with his cock–because they are plastic they are weaker than any of the metal units and more susceptible to snapping or cracking. And if you crack it down the middle, the CB is pretty much done; it is difficult to glue back together and in fact dangerous to use, because you can end up pinching or cutting down the slave’s cock if you don’t glue the fissure entirely or if the crack separates again. And of course, once it is broken the seam of the break will always be that much weaker.

Rings and teeth are fun, but in my experience not slave-proof–having spikes drive into your dick is simply not incentive enough to keep your hands off of yourself. They are better suited for teasing and denial, where you can closely monitor a slave’s erection and ensure he will not masturbate. And although the cock crimper (pictured above) is somewhat mean, it definitely does not always  inhibit an orgasm.

My all-time preferred brand is Mature Metal. They custom-fit a metal device for your specific cock and ball measurements which I have found to be about 95% effective. I have kept several slaves in 24/7 for up to six months at a time (with the exception of two hours each week for cleaning and release) and have had almost no complaints, other than initial issues of sizing, which were ultimately corrected.

Have any of you found other superior brands or models? Drop me a line with any links to chastity products that have you have found awesome or inspiring. I would be especially interested in which full belt models you’ve experimented with for long-wear.

male bondage

This came to me today from a slave I sessioned with recently in Philadelphia. I thought the writing was colorful and amusing so decided to include it here.

 Doubled over in pain i bend low beneath Mistress Darcy. A moment ago i was towering above Her small frame in slutty thigh-highs but now i am crumpled and She rises above me as i writhe below Her, my head perpendicular to my ass. She is lovely but She is a viper but Her poison is sweet and Her hisses melodious. my slutwig shakes from side to side like a dancer’s, who shakes her ass before scurrying up the pole. But i am not performing and my bangs flew when She sent me reeling forward with a kick. “Are you afraid?” She had asked. i was far too enthralled to have considered it, but now i am broken. She continues to toy with my slutcockandballs, but i am too craven to go on and i fail Her and myself and wriggle this way and that, (using the little leeway I have, hands lightly bound behind), and i dodge Her foot to escape Her sting.

       Now the pain is gone. Before, when I had first risen to the new height afforded me by the heels, though i saw no door with my eyes i knew well that I was standing before a threshold that was all-tooeal. As i took my first steps I passed through, high up on the heels and high up in mind, soaring amid new spaces, looking down from where i had not looked down before, (though at first I had to hold the table for balance). My suddenly pretty image is aside me in the mirror: wigged, stockinged, well-heeled, linguerie-clad, all by the small Woman Who bids me to cross the threshold. (Or was it Her image in the mirror? She made it after all. Perhaps it is Hers as a towel or a brush is Hers, as a pair of boots or a whip).

       Now, there is no pain. i have recovered from the blow that crumpled me and i rise again before Her.  She is disappointed because i did not let Her kick me square on. The initial blow to my slutnuts had been too much for me. Or seemed too much for me. i had dodged Her because i didn’t trust Her. This is a serious offense, an error in judgment, almost an insult, and i am sad to have failed Her. i had behaved far better before when She flogged my ass: the wig flew, the ass shook, and i moaned like a bitch and liked it like a slut. If i could do it again i would beg Her to bind my hands and feet tight and show my slutballs no quarter. And if She bid me again, i’d gladly bend in two and shake that ass. The slutwig would fly: furiously, riotously, sordidly. Each crippling blow She deals would bring forth a sensual moan, a squeak, a shriek, as a wolf bays at the moon, or as a slut howls when she is fucked. What had i failed to discern when i avoided Her sweet white foot? Now i understand. my balls are not my balls. Her poison is sweet and Her hisses…