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I think it’s time I had some original artwork in my studio. I’d like to have a Sardax portrait commissioned for me, so I’m putting the call out to any slaves who want to be featured in their own original illustration with me. Sardax, based in the UK, is world-famous for his Femdom imagery, and his portrait gallery reflects many of my Domina friends. You would be a slave featured in the drawing, and I would be doing something fabulously FemDomm-ey, of course. We can discuss the exact activities displayed in the image: foot worshipper kneeling at my heels; corporal delinquent enduring my cane; shy little sissie on the other end of my cock, etc. You would at the very least get a print of the drawing to keep for your own use (I am imagining it proudly displayed on the mantle of your home). His commissions start at $280 for small black and white drawings and go up from there into larger drawings and gorgeous watercolors.

Any anonymous patrons can contact Sardax directly about a commission as well at My birthday is coming up in a few months so this posting is very timely!


I will be traveling to Denver at least every two months if not more for the rest of the year. My dates so far are:

  • September 24-28
  • October 15-21

After that I expect to visit again in mid-November. Anyone who wishes to set something up just send me an email to get on my radar.

I require deposits on ALL sessions when I travel; please know that in advance and plan accordingly. I will be doing hotel sessions on each trip. Although a hotel session with me will not have any bondage furniture, I always travel with a lot of equipment, such as CP implements, sissie wardrobe, electrics, large cocks, etc. If you let me know what kind of session you have in mind before I fly out and are able to provide a deposit, I am happy to pack specialty wardrobe and equipment for our session.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon, Coloradans!

This Year I promise to meet all my New Years Resolutions…and I wasted no time contacting the beautiful Mistress Darcy.

I have been planning and wanting to session with her for quite some time, but unfortunately our schedules just didn’t match. But my persistence finally paid off “huge” dividends when a couple a weeks ago I finally got the chance to serve not only her gorgeous self, but also her very pretty, kinky lifestyle-dominant friend. I was very excited to hear that she had a very hot lady friend who wanted to meet me. (something about a non-ProDomme joining a session is hot!!). She was particularly excited because our session was going to be focused around me being the big bad boss who was going to get his “beatdown” that he so much had coming to him.


I nervously made my way into the City knowing that I was in for a “beating” by not one but two dominant women….ahhh! I was almost there when I was detoured to another location do to the studio being closed because of the snow. The anticipation had to wait just a little wee longer….When I arrived I was buzzed in and made my way to the door….the role play was based on me (the boss) going over to my secretary’s apartment at her request to discuss working conditions at the office…..I had a feeling that the relationship I had with my secretary was about to change….there was no doubt in my mind that there was going to be some fucking going on tonight….and why wouldn’t there be….I knew she wanted to move up in the company.
Soon after I knocked on the door it opened ever so slowly, I walked in and was led into a well-lighted living room. I was taken back how beautiful Mistress Darcy is in person, she was wearing some very tight I guess you would call them work out shorts, you might call them boy shorts. Well it was quite the surprise when I realized that my secretary had another woman from the office, over her apartment. I wasn’t quite sure what to think….was I about to hook up with the both of them? That would be hot!!! But I knew she had always denied my previous sexual advances at the office. She was wearing a tight fitting shapely leather skirt and top…very nice. As I walked into the room….my dreams and kinky thoughts I had were abruptly interrupted.

Mistress Darcy and her beautiful lady friend were sick and tired of the way I treat them at work and began to get their revenge. I was verbally chastised, slapped in the face and told our relationship was about to change…..not the kind of change I had in mind.
My “beatdown” was about to begin.

Before I could get a word in edge wise….I felt 4 strong gorgeous hands feeling up my clothes….next thing I know….my shirt is being ripped from my body….buttons flying everywhere….my belt is un done…and my pants torn off my legs…. I tried to fend them off but next thing I know, my underwear were ripped off….exposing my privates to my employees……man it was very humiliating when they both started to laugh out loud…..”that’s all you have, big bad boss….LOL.”

I was forced to my knees and had the pleasure of worshiping, kissing, rubbing and massaging their feet. But my beatdown wasn’t over….there was a lot of anger they had to get out of their system…..I was kicked, punched, slapped, and beaten. In addition I was spit upon and was forced on all fours. A collar and leash were attached and I was lead around the room like a dog. I was forced to kiss and sniff their asses. There was a new master now…or should I say new “boss”. I was lead to a dog bowl and was told to “heel”. Mistress Darcy then filled it up with her golden and I was made to lap it up….making sure I didn’t leave a drop.

It was “fetch” time. The ladies took turns tossing a bone and I had to fetch it on all fours and bark like a dog. I was then forced to do some tricks and was rewarded with a couple of those small milk bone type dog biscuits. I had to chew and swallow every last drop. I whimpered I needed a drink and was lead into the bathroom and into the tub. I then had the pleasure to wash down my treats with both Mistress Darcy and her friend’s piss, delicious. I showered real quickly and I thought my demise was finished….I was wrong. I came out to the living room and found a huge cock hanging from Mistress Darcy’s waist. It was time for doggy to get his “bone”. I was forced to howl and the ladies were hysterical, I was embarrassed and humiliated……I loved it!!! Mistress Darcy’s friend then laid me across her knees and began to smack my ass with her bare hands… ass soon turned cherry red……its was hot !!

My nipples and dangling balls were next. They were pinched, kicked and smacked. I was then instructed that these ladies were now the new bosses of the company, maybe not on paper, but in reality. They told me if I didn’t do what they wanted they would tell my wife and expose pictures of me being treated like a dog to all the other employees. Well our relationship did change that night….obviously not what I expected….but I have no choice but to know my new role.

I had a wonderful time with Mistress Darcy and her friend. They were both gorgeous, exciting, professional and skilled…..I look forward to seeing them again.

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A few guidelines on some basics in MANNERS to which submissives should adhere. Manners are a topic that is germane to D/s, yet one that is frequently overlooked in session. Most of these are directly applicable to vanilla life as well.

1. Say please and thank you. Even Dom/mes use this rule when they deem it appropriate. Example, “May I please phone you tomorrow morning to confirm our session?”

2. Do not call a Dom/me more than twice in 24 hours if you have not heard back, especially if you have already sent her a text message and/or an email.

3. Don’t text someone if you have never met them before. It speaks overfamiliarity and arrogance.

4. Try not to stare at your Dom/me, it contradicts the power hierarchy of a D/s relationship. If you do like to look him or her in the eye it should subside once they have you deep into session-mode.

5. Do not rest your hands on your hips (cocky) or cross them on your chest (defensive).

6. Attempt to clean up any mess you make by the end of a session, including body fluids or accidents/breakages.

7. Shower. For God’s sake, just shower.

8. Brush your teeth. If you have no opportunity for it use gum or a mint. Yes your Dom/me will notice and yes he/she will resent you for it if you be stanky.

9. Do not ask personal questions. For instance: exact age, weight, height, relationship status, anything about family, career, real name, etc. It is none of your business, and Dom/mes have as much reason for privacy as you do. If a Dom/me chooses to tell you about their personal life it is a GIFT so do not demand more information in the interest of “making conversation.”

10. If you have any doubts about whether a question or statement is appropriate, ASK TO ASK. Example, “Mistress, may I ask you a question please? Feel free to ignore it of course….”

11. Do not touch yourself in session unless your Dom/me gives you permission. Also, casually fiddling with yourself while carrying on a conversation is pathetic (in a bad way).

12. Don’t gossip about other people to your Dom/me, unless the information is strictly factual and used for the urgent benefit of your Master or Mistress. It is a very small world and rumors spread VERY quickly.

13. Don’t show up drunk or on drugs. Less manners more common sense.

14. Avoid groping and/or touching your Dom/me without permission. You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but I am shocked at how many times I have to nail someone in the balls when they get too friendly.

15. Don’t call your Dom/me by a pet name. Sugar, honey, darling, babe, dear, sweetheart, toots, sexy, little girl, princess, foxy, hot stuff and pretty little thing are all bad.

16. DO call your Dom/me by a proper title. Mistress, Miss, Ma’am, Madame, My Queen, Your Majesty, Goddess, Empress, and Supreme Being are all good.

17. Don’t ask your Mistress out. Please.

18. Don’t show up early and don’t show up late. Even 5 minutes can make a difference as many Dom/mes are extremely busy. Value our time more than yours, it can only improve your D/s experience.

19. Keep your phone and email handy the day of a session in case your Dom/me needs to get ahold of you.

20. Don’t try to be funny with your Dom/me. They are generally more adept at conversation than you anyway, and you are not there to be funny. You are there to give over control. All you have to do is listen and obey….the rest is up to us


I just want to take a moment to appreciate all the pussy-slaves and cunt-sluts out there who know how to deliver oral sex properly. It is a special role in and of itself and requires years of practice to perfect. But never forget….just because you go down on me does NOT mean you will be fucking me. In fact it’s usually the opposite. If your tongue is in me then chances are I already think of you as half a man and will expect someone else to finish with their dick what you start with your mouth. Bear in mind this is just helpful reading and an insight into my sexuality, not an open invitation. Only a select few slaveboys in my personal life have this incredible honor via invitation not request; it’s not on my “interest list” so don’t ask for it. For the thick-headed: I DON’T ALLOW ORAL IN SESSION. This is dedicated to the sweet, sexy lifestylers I have met over the years. And for all the aspiring pussy boys out there….

Mistress Darcy’s Tongue Fucking Tips:

-Do not attempt rapidfire licking immediately. The tongue is not a machine gun, and our vaginas are not bulls-eyes. As with any athletic activity, we need a proper warm-up before your tongue hits 60 mph.
-Do kiss and lick and caress the outside areas as well: legs, lips, inner thigh crease, etc. We can stand a little tease and denial on occasion just like you.
-Sucking is fine AT POINTS but please do not attempt to vacuum the clitoris completely off with your super-suction powers.
-No. Teeth. On. The Pussy.
-Do not speak to our pussies. Worship is expected, but I want you looking lovingly into my eyes not mumbling awkwardly into my labia.
-Do begin thrusting with the tongue when you have worked us up to it. Long, deep movements that simulate penetration. It will make us scream for intercourse…with another man. But go there anyway, it’s your job!
-Vibrators and fingers are A-Okay! Anything to get us to orgasm land.
-If you are hoping to get a taste of that other nether region around back be sure and ask first in one manner or another, either directly or via hinting…not all women are comfortable with anilingus. The best way to have things end awkwardly is to take liberties where they’re not welcome.
-Don’t touch yourself while going down on a Mistress. Vanilla girlfriend maybe…but a Domme deserves your full attention.
-Don’t try to kiss us after you lick us. You may like the taste of my vag but I can do without.
-Wipe the pussy off your face before you go outside.
-When in doubt: ask! We would rather answer your question than correct your mistake.


He was seated at the table when I arrived with his hands folded anxiously in his lap, showing as much enthusiasm as a man can display in a packed restaurant in Time Square. I sidled into the booth, sat down, and produced an astonishing smile: it was meant to melt him and it did.

For the rest of the dinner he was clay in my hands. So eager for training that I found myself doing things I hadn’t even anticipated. I improved everything about him, from his speech to his eye contact to where he placed his feet during the meal. He hung on my every word, making sure to ask questions only when I prompted him and to answer each and every one of my questions with great detail and sincerity. I instructed him to pour his heart out to me, which he did completely and with gratitude. Halfway through the meal I knew more about his sexuality than he did…all I had to do was look into his eyes to see he was born a slave and would be at his absolute best in life at the command of a beautiful woman.

When the waiter approached I made sure to order for the both of us. My slave blushed at the privilege and seemed to get an endorphin rush when the waiter commented on his subservience to me. “What, you have to ask her permission [to have another glass of wine]?” The waiter was incredulous, thought we were joking. “Yes, that’s right,” my slave replied, “permission for everything.” I laughed out loud, very appreciative of this moment of public humiliation. As a reward I slid my boot up carefully and toed his cock which was safely locked away in a chastity belt. He sunk forward slightly, his eyes glazing, and whispered “Thank You.”

When I excused myself to the ladies room I surreptitiously handed one of the room keys off to another Domme friend of mine (Mistress Carly). The slave did NOT see this coming, so when I ordered him up to his hotel room all by himself he was shocked to find my friend there waiting for him. I wasn’t sure how he would react to this, but he was elated. My friend is gorgeous and I figured since this slave was so eager for training, and so well mannered and polite, that he deserved the company of two supreme females and not just myself. The honor did not go unappreciated. He spent the evening catering to our every whim, from fetching us room service to being our toilet whenever we needed one. Both of us wanted foot massages and I have to say he had great hands. Foot turned into shoulder, which turned into a leg and ass massage (which only I ask for btw, slaves who ask for these are denied). There were a few times I felt he was almost too enthusiastic, as in when he offered his bed to me for the night if I didn’t feel like going home. I told him that if I wanted his bed he would be the first to know, and that the next time he visited me I might make plans for him to sleep in the closet and have me sleep in his bed. However the mere suggestion coming from a slave is somewhat outrageous. Obviously a slave would give almost anything to be lucky enough to sleep in the same room as me; it’s a privilege I almost never bestow on any slave male or female. I reminded him “The less you ask, the more I give,” and he responded with a heartfelt apology and laid himself at my feet in subservience.

The evening was genuinely terrific. From the spacious venue of his upscale hotel room to the delicious dinner and erotic conversation…this slave was obedient bordering on reverential. His service in the hotel room, when Carly and I were relaxing with each other and chatting, was exceptional. Not for one moment did he forget our pleasure and importance: we were treated as proper Goddesses all evening. I thanked him at the end by pissing on him one last time and gave him my word that he could serve me again in a month or so. I hope that any prospective slaves who are reading this learn a bit about TRUE service: what it is to bring pleasure to a superior female and even some of the particulars of what it takes to keep me specifically happy. Mistress Darcy is a complex woman, but this slaves’ desire to serve and PASSION for female supremacy ensured that my needs were fully met all night.

Young elegant couple

Starting with this next trip to the UK I will be joining forces with one of London’s top male Doms. He has taken a long hiatus from his Pro work, but has been continuously active on the lifestyle scene for 15 years. I trust him implicitly and consider him one of the most brilliant minds on the scene. Sessions with he and I can be arranged from September 7-15. Email asap for details.


I am coming back to my home away from home: Europe. Cannot wait.

Dublin: September 4-6
London: September 7-15

In Dublin I will be staying at a pretty spacious hotel in City Center, just Northwest of Trinity College. I will have two suitcases full of equipment and outfits. I don’t travel light, much to my poor driver/bagboy’s huffing and puffing. London will be a very special occasion indeed: The London Fetish Weekend! I get in for some private parties on the 6th, then will be seeing slaves starting Saturday day the 7th until the 14th. I will have access to several dungeon spaces, but the majority of my sessions will be out of a spacious flat I’ve rented near Camden.

Get in touch asap to discuss. I’m already about half booked for the week.