He was seated at the table when I arrived with his hands folded anxiously in his lap, showing as much enthusiasm as a man can display in a packed restaurant in Time Square. I sidled into the booth, sat down, and produced an astonishing smile: it was meant to melt him and it did.

For the rest of the dinner he was clay in my hands. So eager for training that I found myself doing things I hadn’t even anticipated. I improved everything about him, from his speech to his eye contact to where he placed his feet during the meal. He hung on my every word, making sure to ask questions only when I prompted him and to answer each and every one of my questions with great detail and sincerity. I instructed him to pour his heart out to me, which he did completely and with gratitude. Halfway through the meal I knew more about his sexuality than he did…all I had to do was look into his eyes to see he was born a slave and would be at his absolute best in life at the command of a beautiful woman.

When the waiter approached I made sure to order for the both of us. My slave blushed at the privilege and seemed to get an endorphin rush when the waiter commented on his subservience to me. “What, you have to ask her permission [to have another glass of wine]?” The waiter was incredulous, thought we were joking. “Yes, that’s right,” my slave replied, “permission for everything.” I laughed out loud, very appreciative of this moment of public humiliation. As a reward I slid my boot up carefully and toed his cock which was safely locked away in a chastity belt. He sunk forward slightly, his eyes glazing, and whispered “Thank You.”

When I excused myself to the ladies room I surreptitiously handed one of the room keys off to another Domme friend of mine (Mistress Carly). The slave did NOT see this coming, so when I ordered him up to his hotel room all by himself he was shocked to find my friend there waiting for him. I wasn’t sure how he would react to this, but he was elated. My friend is gorgeous and I figured since this slave was so eager for training, and so well mannered and polite, that he deserved the company of two supreme females and not just myself. The honor did not go unappreciated. He spent the evening catering to our every whim, from fetching us room service to being our toilet whenever we needed one. Both of us wanted foot massages and I have to say he had great hands. Foot turned into shoulder, which turned into a leg and ass massage (which only I ask for btw, slaves who ask for these are denied). There were a few times I felt he was almost too enthusiastic, as in when he offered his bed to me for the night if I didn’t feel like going home. I told him that if I wanted his bed he would be the first to know, and that the next time he visited me I might make plans for him to sleep in the closet and have me sleep in his bed. However the mere suggestion coming from a slave is somewhat outrageous. Obviously a slave would give almost anything to be lucky enough to sleep in the same room as me; it’s a privilege I almost never bestow on any slave male or female. I reminded him “The less you ask, the more I give,” and he responded with a heartfelt apology and laid himself at my feet in subservience.

The evening was genuinely terrific. From the spacious venue of his upscale hotel room to the delicious dinner and erotic conversation…this slave was obedient bordering on reverential. His service in the hotel room, when Carly and I were relaxing with each other and chatting, was exceptional. Not for one moment did he forget our pleasure and importance: we were treated as proper Goddesses all evening. I thanked him at the end by pissing on him one last time and gave him my word that he could serve me again in a month or so. I hope that any prospective slaves who are reading this learn a bit about TRUE service: what it is to bring pleasure to a superior female and even some of the particulars of what it takes to keep me specifically happy. Mistress Darcy is a complex woman, but this slaves’ desire to serve and PASSION for female supremacy ensured that my needs were fully met all night.