I get asked at least once a week what my absolute favorite kink activities are. Mostly it is asked by new people who are not that familiar with my writing and general persona (read: lazy). So I thought I would just write a quick list of some of my favorite things both in and out of session for everyone who wants the synopsis. Also because I’m at my computer and horny…but too exhausted to really move right now, so I’ll have to get my rocks off at the keyboard until I can motivate over to my vibrator drawer.

In roughly ascending order (man, it was hard to choose)…

20. Face Slapping

19. Humiliation (General)

18. Caning

17. Leather Boots

16. Dominant Life Coaching

15. Breath Control and Choking

14. Toilet Training

13. Punching

12. Creative Roleplays

11. Mind Games/Mind Fucking

10. Verbal Takedowns

9. Tickling

8. Sub Girls

7. Cuckolding

6. Foot Massages

5. English Boys

4. Edge Play (not to be confused with Edging!)

3. Age Play

2. 8+ Dicks

1. D/s dynamics in a non-session context (i.e. “real”)