Tired of feeling inferior? Discouraged by the pathetic, tiny, pinky finger dangling between your legs? Wife or girlfriend losing interest in sex? Ever been cheated on? Perhaps you should add CUCKOLDING to your New Year’s resolutions.

I am very luck to have a well-hung English Bull joining me in New York for New Year’s Eve. As some of you know, I’ve had a few Englishmen fly out in the past. What can I say? I love them. One of my deepest fetishes, pun intended. This particular Bull is visting for five filthy days and wants to join in on a few humiliation/cuckolding sessions while he’s here. Although he is not a huge scene player, he does enjoy fucking me while my slaves suffer in the corner.


  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
  • Length: 8 inches UC
  • Girth: 6 inches
  • Hair: Blond
  • Build: Lean
  • Orientation: Straight/Vanilla

Since I am a hardcore D/s enthusiast, my cuckolding sessions heavily emphasize the humiliation aspect, including roleplay and other BDSM activities where appropriate. This is NOT a voyeur scenario, though elements of voyeurism may occur as a part of the act itself. I also do NOT allow creampies, pussy worship, or oral “cleanup” in session. Although I do offer forced bi generally speaking, I never combine it with cuckolding. However, I would recommend arriving on an empty stomach in the event he wants to finish on your face bukkake-style, or I need a toilet afterwards.

I will be seeing slaves at my studio on Wall Street. We require at least three days’ notice to book. Email for details:


My website is somewhat out of date, so I wanted to offer a bit of updated information about me and my practice. All submissive girls and boys, please read on…

I am generally regarded as one of the top young Dommes in the industry. Welleviewed, well-traveled and fascinated with the art of controlling men, I am a 28-year-old sexually dominant alpha female and professionally trained Dominatrix. My passion is D/s and psychological control, but I am also enthralled with most aspects of advanced BDSM. Equal parts cruel and captivating, my sterling reputation is inspired by a commitment to power exchange—meaning I am “the real deal.” Whereas some others play at being the beautiful dominant, I AM. I want nothing less than to change your life.

Although I enjoy most aspects of BDSM, as an Alpha Female and sexual dominant my real passion is for D/s, i.e. the methodical and conscientious takeover of someone’s mind. Research me before you contact me, and if you fall into the “submissive” category ensure that you are clean, humble, and ready to serve when you arrive. If not, you will be broken. Appearance and attitude are extremely important, both for me and for my slaves. My porcelain skin, mesmerizing petite frame and 32E breasts will bring you to your knees, and my immutable confidence will send you away with the feeling that—finally—you have met a superior female. If you are a fetishist or switch please advise me of this before the session so that I can take that into account when we meet. I am currently accepting new clients provided our interests align. Look at my website before you contact me, I cannot emphasize that enough. Although I do NOT accept everyone who approaches me (only the polite, well-spoken and intelligent) I welcome all experience levels: from the nervous first-timer to the seasoned masochist.


I will be doing a tour of Colorado December 22nd-27th, hitting up several of the large cities in the state (Denver, Colorado Springs, Southern Colorado). If anyone wants to reach out for a session please do so sooner than later, as I am going to see my friends as much as my slaves, if not more. I always travel with ample equipment, and usually session out of a hotel room. Email is best: