I know you want to confess your crush on me. It’s not just a fantasy, it’s REAL, these feelings you’re suffering. Maybe you’re losing motivation at work while ogling my website, or tossing in bed at night wishing it were me next to you. Am I the leading lady in your wank sessions? Or maybe you just find yourself comparing every woman you’re with to me, and finding she inevitably falls short.

It’s time to TELL ME about it! Valentine’s Day is coming up and there’s never been a better time. I will be posting the very best love letters, tribute songs, poems, and gift images online for the world to see. All writings will remain anonymous, but I want to give everyone a chance to read your words of devotion and understand how much I mean to you. The best of the bunch will go up here in the News section, and on twitter. All gifts may be dropped off in person with me in New York. Slaves in London can get them to my assistant who will then mail them to me before Valentine’s Day.

AND A LITTLE BONUS: Whoever gets me the nicest gift/poem/card etc, to be decided by me obviously, gets to take me to dinner in the next month at a restaurant of my choosing. I’m so generous!

Happy Valentine’s Day, boys.

A huge thank you to the toilet who commissioned this portrait of me by the infamous Femdom artist, Sardax. I LOVE IT. It will have pride of place in my studio, and I will think of you every time I cast my eyes on it! Looking forward to building my Sardax collection in the future. He has such a talent and genius for the Femdom mindset.


I am offering a special type of session while I’m in London this next trip. I will bring with me an assortment of gorgeous vintage lingerie outfits, and will be delivering a vintage caning experience as well. There are two levels of session: a 30-minute minimal warm-up punishment scene, and a one hour warm-up with roleplay. Teacher, babysitter, older sister, mother, and school bully are all on the menu. If you were ever strapped, caned or spanked by a hot female teacher, you know the indescribable blend of humiliation, pain, shame, and delight that accompanies it. You think you were the only one feeling it? I would say a good many teachers went out of their way to pull your pants down. And yes I know that’s an incendiary statement. Regardless, I need no reason to punish you. And I’m sure you will furnish plenty of confessions in the moment to fuel my stroke. After all, I’ve been trained in traditional English cane administration. Your lessons will be sorely learned this time.


1. Confidence. Walk into a party with a Domme on your arm and you will see something magnificent. Perhaps more than any other “type,” a dominant woman can work a room up, down and in between without even opening her mouth. Self-assurance is, after all, one of the main components of our livelihood. For once you can relax and let US do the planning for a date, and we certainly aren’t afraid to communicate our needs. A good Domme will also know when to be vulnerable and “human,” though most of us are pretty good at not acting desperate, that almighty deal breaker. (Dirty secret…it’s because you’re always replaceable)

2. We Earn. Most Domme are bringing home the bacon. I have out-earned every boyfriend I’ve ever had, sometimes even paying for their meals, plane tickets, or showering them with expensive gifts: think “sugar daddy with tits.”  Now obviously I would prefer to date someone who isn’t living with his parents, but some Dommes take pride in their financial independence with a sort of macho swagger (I actually am kind of turned on writing this…weird to be aroused by my own swagger?). At the very least we aren’t expecting you to pay our rent. Unless you want to. In which case I have a few credit card bills for you as well.

3. Sex Goddess. I can say with total honesty that I am one of the best lays you’ll ever have. I like to say that most men have never had a blow job until they meet me. We eat, sleep and breathe sexy, and our confidence (see point one) ensures that we are acting on our dirty impulses in bed…or bath…or garden or Starbucks restroom. Plus a lot of us love to be on top. Less work for you. And I haven’t even mentioned the outfits. A lot of Dommes I know (myself included) have more fetish clothes than real clothes. Whether it’s lingerie, latex, or leather, “sexy, inappropriate dress” is required in our workplace. And even if you’re a male Dom, you can’t deny that women look hot in a corset, period. Especially if she knows how to work a pair of heels.

4. We’ve Heard It All. Whether you’re sub, Dom, switch or vanilla, there’s probably nothing you could suggest in the bedroom that would shock us. We spend each day sifting through the sexuality and psychology of complete strangers, and it’s second nature for any good Domme to empathize with sexual deviance, not condemn it. So take your My Little Pony collection out from under the bed, defrost your octopus, and fire up the flame thrower. If you’re cute, we’ll put up with pretty much anything.

5. Forgiveness. We have first hand experience with the many flaws of manhood. I think I’ve seen nearly ever fault and frailty under the sun in the five years I’ve been doing sessions. So as long as you don’t disobey any of the cardinal rules (see point ten) we will forgive most anything. After all, you have to be okay with us seeing hundreds if not thousands of men every year buck-naked, touching their wieners and buttholes and whispering sexy things into their ears. It may be just a job for some of us, but it’s still a pretty crazy one by mainstream standards. If you can forgive us our unusual livelihood, we will grant you a ton of leeway in return.

6. Show Off. I’m sure at some point you have brought a girl out to meet your friends, only to catch their snickers when you turn around. If you’re dating a Domme you never have to worry about that again. She will look good, smell good, and give great conversation, basically making you the envy of all your friends. Time to start flaunting your Goddess.

7. Kit. Assuming you’re not a total vanilla dickhead, you’re at least curious about some of the crazy equipment that us Dommes have to use in our practice. Well you’ve just been given a golden ticket: not only do you (hopefully) have access to your girlfriend’s entire collection now, but if you ask nicely maybe she will even show you how to use it. I guarantee you’ll learn something new each time you walk in the dungeon. So take advantage of her kit and expertise while you can. Chances are the Domme will absolutely love teaching you!

8. Flexible Schedule. Dommes generally create their own hours, which means we have way more time to bake cookies for you, sit around in our lingerie waiting for you to get home, and watch YouTube videos on how to improve our blowjobs. Just kidding. But it is nice when you want to take a few days off work and snap, our suitcase is packed and ready to go.

9. The Finer Things in Life. There’s nothing worse than flying with someone who doesn’t know how to fly, except maybe dining with someone who doesn’t know how to dine. Luckily any Domme worth her leather will be comfortable with proper public behavior. In fact, she is more likely to be embarrassed by YOU. Hotels, travel, food, servers and spa days are second nature for us. Make sure you brush up on table etiquette and flight protocol as needed, and just relax in the knowledge that you’re in classy company.

10. Trust. As someone who deals with flakes, lunatics, and horny, lying losers on a daily basis trust is, in a word, crucial. The good news is, if you earn a Domme’s trust, you will forever have her loyalty. Most of us are quite private as well, so if you can manage to find yourself in the inner circle, you will inevitably reap great rewards. Many Dommes are very sweet actually. In fact some of the nicest, most generous, loyal, loving people I know are Dommes. Just make sure you keep your word, and you’ll keep your Domme on your side. Be loyal, attentive, respectful, and above all honest, and a Domme will fight your fights and celebrate your victories till the end of time. Basically the perfect woman.