I am offering a special type of session while I’m in London this next trip. I will bring with me an assortment of gorgeous vintage lingerie outfits, and will be delivering a vintage caning experience as well. There are two levels of session: a 30-minute minimal warm-up punishment scene, and a one hour warm-up with roleplay. Teacher, babysitter, older sister, mother, and school bully are all on the menu. If you were ever strapped, caned or spanked by a hot female teacher, you know the indescribable blend of humiliation, pain, shame, and delight that accompanies it. You think you were the only one feeling it? I would say a good many teachers went out of their way to pull your pants down. And yes I know that’s an incendiary statement. Regardless, I need no reason to punish you. And I’m sure you will furnish plenty of confessions in the moment to fuel my stroke. After all, I’ve been trained in traditional English cane administration. Your lessons will be sorely learned this time.