Do you prefer a deep, intense one-on-one experience with your Dominant? Or do you thrive as the center of attention in a group setting? Have you fantasized about being one in a pack subs or the only slave in the room responsible for servicing everyone present? Based on my experience there are three categories. Most people prefer the intimacy of one-on-one and can’t really free themselves up and relax if there are many others present. There is, however, a very strong faction of subs who LOVE group scenes, the more the merrier! And a third set of subs can go either way, depending on the scene and their mood.

I enjoy the benefits of both. Each category has it’s cools and not-so-cools. Though I will say one of my specialties is group scenes; not because I am outstanding at it (I let other people decide that for me), but because so many ProDommes are shit at it! Most of the best group scenes I have heard of have been lifestyle organized by either male or female Dom/mes. The others have been organized by some of the top names out there in ProDomming–Mistress Absolute, Domina M, Dante Posh, Goddess Cleo, The Hunteress, Lydia Supremacy–women who lead the FemDom industry in resources, intelligence and experience, and all of whom I am happy to call my friends. Aside from that, there are not a tremendous amount of successful group sessions going on from what I can tell, including all the forced bi/party sessions which have such a heavy advertising and marketing cloud surrounding them. Sure, “Forced Bi Fuck-Fest” *sounds* like a great event, but most likely it will be a bunch of fellow subs asked to act like Doms, awkwardly showcasing their 6-inch cocks and beer guts.

Let’s look at the past two weeks. I started off my trip to London with a six-person gangbang the night I arrived. My good friend Savannah Sly was in London at the time as well and was able to jump in to help me wrangle all the men. There were two forced bi studs and one Bull–certainly enough to keep my slave entertained for 90 minutes. Though I have to say, at nine inches, my cock won the night. The next day I jumped into a 48-hour scene (yes there were breaks). The slave brought a gorgeous girl with him to London just to see me. I had them commission matching catsuits at House of Harlot and matching his and hers chastity belts from Carrara. The mega-session culminated in a party scene with four gorgeous submissive girls (including the girl the slave had brought) and the slave himself, with me at the helm dominating all of them for three hours. It was a real highlight of my year so far. I did another smattering of forced bi, double Domme and cuckolding scenes over the course of my London trip, in addition to the standard one-one-one scenarios. Then just last night after getting settled and unpacked, I did an extremely hot double-male-sub session here in New York. The first sub had admitted a huge voyeuristic streak, so I brought in one of my young, well-endowed playthings to torment them both together. My double-ended dildos have never been so happy! And watching them suck each other off while in chastity was a very cruel thrill.

One of the biggest negs about group scenes is that I run out of hands. Especially when I am the only Domme in the room. Everything can take more time as I run from body to body, juggling rope, toys, and lube and trying to keep each slave occupied. But I love having bodies on all sides of me, touching, teasing and torturing them in whatever fashion my wandering hands desire. In an ideal world I would have a fetch boy or girl at the ready to help me with the equipment and bondage miscellany, leaving me to mastermind the scene and do the more difficult, hands-on work with each person. When a big scene like that goes off well, and I am truly the captain of a small army of slaves for an hour or so, the power high is incomparable. I walk away feeling absolutely superhuman and am usually floating for at least a day afterwards. Plus watching a room full of gorgeous, highly aroused people orgasm at the same time is pretty f-ing amazing, no matter where you are in the hierarchy. So although I don’t have the time to organize group scenes all the time, they inevitably are one of the highlights of my month.

NB: I am going to start organizing more group scenes for sexy females. Interested lady-subs, please email me at to inquire.