I received this fabulous application just now from a male slave hoping to become my PA. It is adorable, well-written, and speaks to most of my needs. I actually am hiring for a PA right now in real life, so it’s come at a perfect time! Though he is no doubt intending to take an unpaid position. Still, a great guide for how one might apply to serve a Mistress or ProDomme.

I would like to apply for the role of your Personal Assistant.  I feel this role would allow me to use my professional experience, skills and willingness to work for the most prestigious Mistress in the industry. 

In the capacity of your PA I would be able assist you with the following;

  • Arranging your travel itinerary for your many trips to New York, Dublin, and London.  
  • Coordinating your devotees to ensure your comfort, security, convenience and entertainment is always taken care of when traveling.
  • Recruit/screen slaves in each location, for essential roles, such as chauffeur and chef.
  • Answer your calls and emails when needed and/or permitted and manage your busy diary.
  • When accompanying you on your travels,  ensure your every whim is catered to (refreshments, travel, clothing and if required assistance during sessions with your devotees).
  • Ensure your comfort is my highest priority 24/7. When out shopping sightseeing etc,  ensure you always have somewhere to sit (I will get down on all fours if required to provide you with a bench).
  • Carry out cleaning of your personal items (toys, clothing, lingerie and shoes, etc).
  • Maintain a high level of discretion and confidentiality at all times.
  • Provide my mouth as a receptacle for your waste (mouthwash/toothpaste, toilet, ash, etc).
  • Ad hoc task as directed.

My aim would be to reach a level of service where by I could anticipate your needs and wants without being directed.  My satisfaction would come from winning your approval, regardless of how brief,  and knowing that by serving you, your life was easier and your ability to see your devotees was enhanced.

I have had the pleasure of your company and experienced firsthand your ability to make a confident man quiver and mumble with just a glance, quiet whisper or a gentle touch.  I have no doubt this will be a challenging role and will demand that I am at my very best 24/7.   Your gentle, well-placed touch and glance can have the same effect, making a man submit to your will equally as would the beating from a thousand whips or more.  

As a former member of the armed forces, I know what the words, ‘service,’ ‘selflessness’ and ‘duty’ mean. I would bring with me the same loyalty, and devotion to my role as your PA as I did to my beloved country. 

Your humble servant