If I had a nickel for every email, call, and in-person request I’ve gotten to serve me as a personal slave, I could retire! Okay not literally, but pretty close. Most of the ProDommes I know have at least one slave helping them out somehow. Some of them come and go quickly, some of them stay on for a decade or more. I’m here to write about my current collard property, bitchard.

I have collared bitchard for two years now, and his service to me is simultaneously very glamorous, in that it is true slavery, and not glamorous at all in that he runs the minutia of my life with very little “reward.” He lives across the ocean (in England). While bitchard does not get to see me very often, he manages to serve me every single day from abroad via email and instant messenger. He is in chastity 24/7 with the exception of a few hours every Sunday, so by no means is he wanking to the thought of me whenever I contact him. He handles much of my banking, flight and travel arrangement, and in general is on call 18 hours a day for anything that I might need–calls to be made, research, tickets booked, etc. He knows my real name, knows about my “other life,” and yet he still seems to see me as incredibly powerful, alluring, and has not lost any interest in being utterly deferential and devoted in the process of my becoming a “real” person in his eyes. I take pride in the fact that he seems as frightened and enthralled with me as he was the first day we met. Initially I let him serve me casually on my trips to London for about six months before having him fly to New York, wherein I collared him. It just felt right. All you hopeful servants will be encouraged to know that it started with a few errands here and there, a situation which I offer many boys along the way; maybe you too can one day wear my collar, but you have to start somewhere! He doesn’t like me to play with him either. He doesn’t even like the word “play,” as in his mind it smacks of fantasy and falsehood. He prefers to simply be corrected manually when he makes a mistake, and praised when he does well. Plus he does enjoy my verbal tirades and the natural humiliating tone I take with slaves, whether in private or in public. I mostly treat him like a mix between an actual slave/servant, and an employee. But along the way I have commanded and guided him into much life improvement: he’s stopped smoking, stopped drinking, lost a lot of weight, regained clear skin, started working out, and has begun to pursue his lifelong interest in ballet.

I asked him recently what he likes about being my slave, and if he would serve another Mistress when I inevitably retire as a Pro. He replied that he likely wouldn’t, because it wouldn’t be me, and that furthermore his goal is to help me to achieve success in my Pro career as best I can until I am not a Pro anymore. Once I retire, thenĀ his job of making my job easier will have been completed, and he can live out his life knowing he has done a good thing for a good Domme.

I guess I’m pretty lucky. However, I could always use more help. I run at least two different lives, and all of that takes incredible time and planning. Bitchard is just one slave, and in order to maintain my lifestyle I have at any one time nine or ten other slaves who sort of cycle in and out of my life in various cities. I do enjoy the attention and efforts of polite, well-spoken slaves (instructions on how to become one here) though, as the famous saying goes, good help is hard to find! I am happy with bitchard’s efforts as my main slave, and hope that he doesn’t fuck up badly enough for me to fire him anytime soon. So bitch, let this post be your annual “thank you” for a job well done!