For all you lowly cuckolds in New York who have been begging me to show you what a real man looks like, fear not: I have just met my newest English Bull. He’s a trim 6’3″ (see above) with a lovely 8 inches on him. We met on one of my last trips to London, and naturally I convinced him to pay me a visit here in New York to attempt to sate my embarrassingly large sexual appetite. That and I’m not particularly fond of American accents. I prefer the cultured clip of an English tongue over a slurring, desperate American drawl any day. But please do feel free to pamper me before the session in the hopes that I might take pity on you enough to one day fuck you, too. (In your dreams little man)

He will be visiting ONLY May 17th-20th. Those of you who follow the comings and goings of my English Bulls know what a rare opportunity it is for this unique style of emasculation. On the menu:

  • Verbal degradation
  • Size comparisons
  • Voyeurism
  • Forced feminization
  • Heavy D/s and power exchange
  • Bondage and abandonement
  • S/O
  • Woman worship, massage and pampering
  • Husband/wife and GF/BF roleplay

If you’re wondering what a cuckolding session with me entails and don’t know my general boundaries or keep up with this blog, please read carefully. This is NOT a forced bi scenario. I never combine forced bi and cuckolding with the same man. I do, however, ¬†allow watching (at my discretion), give instruction in blowjob technique, and occasionally allow tasting and swallowing (both my cum and his) from my hand or some other non-genital area. This is not an opportunity to go down on me or my Bull. If you crave the humiliation of being denied sexual, physical contact with me in all forms while being forced to watch me orgasm several times in a row, then perhaps this is the session you’ve been waiting for.

I will see cucks and sluts at my studio in the financial district. References or paid consultations are a requisite for all new slaves in addition to the tribute. I also may ask for a deposit in advance. None of these tenets are negotiable.

Email me to discuss details. I will not answer any questions on email or phone that have been covered in this posting.