I am thrilled to be participating in a brand new, star-studded, international fetish event: Hogspy Live. My global fan base made me eligible to be one of the featured Dommes for the evening, which means any guest who attends has the privilege of suffering at my hands, as long as I deem you worthy and you don’t mind waiting your turn. It promises to be a very intimate night with a tight guest list and tons of space for playtime and torture at the hands of some top professionals in the Femdom industry.

I can guarantee I will be in very sadistic form that night. If you’ve never had the privilege of sessioning with me–prepare thyself. The public component is highly arousing for me: anything I would do to you in private becomes twice as erotic to me in public. And, strangely, I find myself being far harsher and more diabolical when I have an audience. As it is a private event, I am able to flaunt my cruel impulses with no fear of being booted from the club. All the things I refrain from at the tamer kink events will be fair game here: heavy medical, toiletry, gruesome pain play and corporal punishment, public shaming, fluids, brutal ballbusting, etc.

The event is at the infamous Murder Mile and runs from 9:00pm until 3:30am. There are a limited number of tickets available so any of you fans and slaves who are keen on attending should get your tickets now. Also in attendance will be almost two dozen internationally-acclaimed ProDommes. They haven’t released all the names yet, but after speaking to the owners of Hogspy I can guarantee it is a very good list.

Hogspy Live is going to be high fetish protocol from what I understand, so make sure you have something suitably sexy to wear. I’ve just had a new outfit commissioned from House of Harlot for the evening and will be unveiling the design that night. Half of the fun of fetish events for me is dressing up in clothes I can’t wear to normal parties, so hopefully those of you who are going will make some effort!

Follow the link here for your tickets. And be sure to email me if you decide to go. I am even extending a special offer: anyone who brings me a gift gets to spend time with me in the room/activity of their choosing! Otherwise requests will most likely not be honored, and it will be Lady’s choice as far as activities are concerned.

See you in the dungeon!