french maid

Attention sub females, cross dressers, sissies, and maids. I’m looking for someone to do NSA cleaning for me once a week at my play studio for about 3-4 hours in lower Manhattan. I welcome sexy outfits and a humble, submissive attitude, but you also need to be able to clean thoroughly and properly. I am very exacting, but fair.

I offer a relaxing getaway in which you may express your submissive side freely whilst being useful to me. I have in the past taken my maids out for tea and conversation, and happily offer guidance and dominant life coaching in times of need or confusion. I prefer a polite but professional relationship that follows D/s protocol. I am open to any gender. References are helpful.

Please email me to apply: Include a few photos, a brief bit about yourself, general availability, and references if you have them.