Have you been to Club Pedestal┬áin London? Every time I go with a group of friends, I have a blast. Dommes and switch females: I highly recommend getting dressed in your sexiest and making a night of it. If you’ve not been before, you’ll find yourself surrounded by eager males in various states of undress. Just like in vanilla clubs, the losers will swarm around you and try to buy you drinks. Unlike vanilla clubs, you can viciously denigrate them in front of others until they leave you alone. Well, I suppose that depends on the vanilla club. Some of my favorite moments at Pedestal have been non-consensually humiliating a disgusting specimen who insisted on trying to get my attention. If he’s going to cross my personal boundaries at a party, I am going to cross his! Other fun elements include free foot massages all night long, the trampling cage, a good selection of BDSM equipment, and always at least a few single hot guys who are coming to “check it out” for the first time–i.e. perfect prey for sexually empowered women like you and me.

I will be at this month’s Pedestal with a group of friends and welcome any fellow females who wishes to say hello! Men, you can try your luck, but you had better come correct if you want to get more than a stern rebuff from Miss Darcy. Gifts, flowers, and adulation are all appropriate.