London Fetish Weekend

There is an event in London every fall that is so absolutely loaded-down with amazing events and parties that I literally order you to attend, whether you’re a sub or not! The London Fetish Weekend, which runs September 4th-7th this year, is four days of debauchery catering to both the international fetish party circuit as well as London’s locals. My good friend Mistress Absolute is at the helm, and she and her amazing team work tirelessly yearound to create an itinerary for the weekend that tests the reserves of even the most die-hard party animal (i.e. me). There are a few all-weekend passes left, which I recommend if you are considering doing even three of the seven events. For anyone hoping to run into me, I will give you a breakdown of the events I’ll be attending. You are always welcome to make a polite introduction if you see me out at a fetish function.

My weekend begins Thursday night when I will be stopping into the Camden Crunch. If you’ve not been to the Crunch before, it’s somewhere between a fetish club (because it’s loaded with kinksters) and a munch (because it’s at a “normal bar”). My friend Alex runs the evening, and lately he has been filling the venue to capacity. 600 kinksters packed into a vanilla bar in Camden is absolutely as drunk and awesome as it sounds.

After that I will be doing a double-header on Friday with Peer Kink London and Torture Garden. If you’ve not heard about Peer Kink London, it’s the most educational kink event in London right now; it allows peer-to-peer training and Q&A on whatever kink activity you want to learn more about. The September 5th Peer Kink event is from 7pm-3am at the massive Murder Mile studio which is very conducive to elaborate, private scenes. Though not affiliated with the London Fetish Weekend, I definitely want to attend at least the first half of Peer Kink in order to lend my knowledge and skill for anyone interested in BDSM and domination. Then I’ll be dancing the night away at Torture Garden, the largest fetish club in the world. It’s at Electrowerkz for September, and you can get tickets here. The best nights of my life have been at Torture Garden. Yes, that is a bold statement, and yes, it is totally true. I wrote a story about my epic party times at Torture Garden; you can read it here.

On Saturday I will be at Club Subversion in one of my new latex outfits. My two default designers are Slaughterhouse Couture and House of Harlot, and I often commission an outfit from one of them when I’m planning on making it to Subversion. Nothing gets me amped for a night out like a new outfit, after all? Both designers offer bespoke latex clothing which is the best way to do latex, especially if you have an exceptional figure like me (tiny waist and massive tits). For anyone going to Subversion, it is an excellent venue to showcase your latex–although all fetish attire is welcome.

As for Sunday, I don’t know that I’ll have anything left. But if I do, I’ll put in an appearance on the Kinky Bus Tour of London! A glass of champagne and a photo tour is a great way to cap such a decadent weekend.