I’ll be spending most of the next month (Sep 24-Oct 24) in New York and will have a little free time in my schedule to indulge you all.

Location: Wall Street Studio or Public Setting
Availability: 7 days a week Sep 24-Oct 24
Theme: Humiliation, Roleplay and Emasculation

For those of you who might not be familiar with my work, I’m a classically trained Dominatrix (ha…who hands out those degrees?!) with a private play studio and most of the traditional equipment that goes along with BDSM. My specialties, however, are psychological domination, humiliation, roleplay and mind-fucking. So while we can do a lot of the typical session leather/discipline/bondage/pain kind of things quite happily, if you’re looking for someone to get in your head and stay there…drop me a line.

Roleplay has always been one of my top activities. I’m actually¬†teaching roleplay at Coco de Mer¬†next month in London. It requires tremendous mental facility on the part of the Dom/me. If the Dominant is good, creative, and energetic, then so long as the sub is halfway responsive the scene will go well. I have a pretty filthy mind, but new scenarios are always welcome.

I do a lot of multi-player sessions as well. Studs, couples, co-subbing, female subs, etc. It’s best to get to know each other first beforehand though, one on one, as those scenes are quite intense and take a lot to arrange on my part. If you have people you want to bring in, email me and we can discuss.

For cuckolding I have a few Bulls in NYC and some visiting Bulls from time to time. As it happens, I have a new English Bull in town from September 26-October 4. He’s a 6’4″ wealthy, successful alpha. Do I need to say well-endowed? Most of you know to expect that from me by now. Anyway, he’s also well-endowed. I’m thrilled to be doing a few sessions with him as he is new to the scene. Anyone who’s brave enough can contact me to get on our calendar.

If you’re interested in a public element, this is where I truly shine. I love walking that thin line between erotic and terrifying. I won’t ever embarrass myself publicly, but I am expert at making sure it’s an outing you won’t ever forget. Dinner, drinks, or shopping with you in an iddy-biddy chastity cage and panties is my idea of a great time. I just hope the waiter doesn’t mind me ordering for you. And speaking for you. And refilling your glasss in the ladies’ room.

Email me to discuss session options further at darcy@mistressdarcy.com. I have a screening process. Please give at least three days notice.