Hello my dear fans! Long time no write. I was traveling for the holidays and dealing with quite a bit of stuff in the studio move, but now I’m BACK to say that I am seeing slaves for the rest of January and February in New York and my travels have left me with a hankering for some ego destruction.

Any of you boys find yourselves feeling like Thor when you’re at work? High on yourself, high on life, your walls indestructible as you try to navigate the cutthroat, ruthless markets of New York? Possibly even treating your colleagues or, dare I say, some of the women in your life with a dismissive, alpha power trip? Believe it or not, I’m interested in you. The bigger the wall…the bigger the fall. I want to take your huge, powerful idea of yourself and crush it under my stiletto into a million crying pieces. I might do it by force, or I might coax you into it…slowly…with a smile and a crossing and uncrossing of my legs. But either way I will conquer you. If you manage to make it into my presence that is.

Every time I leave New York I am reminded of how NICE people are in the rest of the country. But instead of being irritated by New York’s pathological bad manners, I will take it as a delicious challenge. If you want to see me, you will be forced to experience some major ego drainage before you even gain access to my studio, and once you enter it’s all over. I like to think of myself as your worthier opponent.