Gorgeous Mistress Darcy wm

I am honored to be invited as a Guest of Honor to this year’s DomCon Atlanta

It will be my first time at DomCon and the perfect excuse to see Atlanta (I’ve never been!). It’s the largest convention for BDSM dominants in the world, and I had no idea what a broad scope and history the event had until I received the nomination email. The classes, seminars and parties look amazing, and frankly I’m a little embarrassed that I haven’t attended before now.

Although the other special guests haven’t been announced yet, I’m sure they will be remarkable. This spring in LA the special guest roster boasted a number of world-class female luminaries, including Irene Boss, Tara Indiana, and Nina Hartley. I’m humbled to have my name on the list next to such esteemed talent.

At the time of writing, I have not selected a submissive chaperon for the event. If you would like to apply, please email me at darcy at mistressdarcy dot com with the subject line DOMCON APPLICANT. You’ll be expected to cover my plane fare or hotel, and will be on call for my service needs throughout the event. Please include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Three sentences about yourself and your experience in the scene
  • References from any Dommes (lifestyle or professional) who will speak positively about you
  • Two vanilla photos

I’m looking to choose my submissive in the next two weeks, so please be prompt in your application. The early worm gets the bird!



Hey slaves! I’m in Long Beach October 22-26, then venturing down to Hollywood for a couple days from 26th-28th.

I’ll be seeing slaves at my hotel on October 22 and 26, then at a dungeon on the evening of the 26th through afternoon of the 28th. Please fill out my booking form to get in on the action now!

In my suitcases I’ll have: leather, latex, high heels, crops, canes, floggers, gags, hoods, bondage equipment, sissy wardrobe, and enough toys to keep us occupied for a few hours at least.

The photo was taken by a slave in Los Angeles on my last trip. Such great memories, I can’t wait to return!


My friend, New York-famous disciplinarian Alice Morningstar, will be offering double sessions with me for the rest of summer and fall. She invited me out for a coffee the other day, and we got to talking about the various degrees of disobedience we were forced to contest with recently from our submissives. It occurred to us that we would be twice as effective with half the effort if we were to combine our domination skills. You could call it the perfect storm; Miss Morningstar is an expert at both identifying incorrect behavior and administering appropriate corporal punishment; and I can see inside you, to where your ego chafes at submission, and calibrate my verbal and psychological tactics until you’re broken and begging for mercy.

Her weapons of choice: palm, paddle, cane, crop, corner time, hairbrush.

Mine: voice, body, roleplay, eye contact control, behavior modification, mind fucking.

While Miss Morningstar is unrelenting in her discipline, she is one of the smartest young women I know. She’s also a classic beauty; quite simply, they don’t make them like her anymore. As creative as I am, you won’t be able to talk your way out of our corrections. You may feel as though you’re in the fantasy narrative of a film noir thriller, with the two femme fatales circling you like hungry wolves. Regardless of your infractions, you will leave a better man.

If you’re ready to face the ultimate, cruel coupling of dominant women, you may inquire about a double on my Booking Form. I will be seeing slaves with Miss Morningstar at my private session studio in Brooklyn. There is a screening and deposit process for all new applicants, so please fill out the reference section accordingly (or else be willing to do a paid consultation).


Note: I had to reschedule this trip!

I’m staying at a hotel suite in Back Bay. Be sure to head to my booking page! I’m taking requests now for the trip.

On the menu:
-Foot Worship
-Corporal Punishment
-Slave Training
-Forced Bi
-Roleplay Roleplay Roleplay!

Get in touch asap. You don’t want to miss me, as I might not be back until Christmas.

Femdom Financial

I recently had to grapple with a very entitled male about my deposit process. He attempted to make a weak argument against them. Out of boredom and the desire to write a new blog post, I destroyed his logic on every point. Here is his argument, and my rebuttal, which outlines the many reasons why you should just shut up and pay if you’re serious about seeing a professional dominant:

Man: Deposits aren’t classy.

Me: I am clearly and irrevocably classy, and if you don’t think so then why would you contact me? The vast quantity of photos of me, reviews about me, and text written by me are a testament to my elegance and professionalism, and if you don’t agree then you should not even consider sessioning with me. Save your money for someone “actually” classy, like the Duchess of Cambridge. Though apparently she’s got some pretty filthy friends.

Man: I don’t trust anyone until I get to know them.

Me: That sounds like a very lonely life. Regardless, the chances of you actually “getting to know” the personal side of any ProDomme above and beyond the character traits she chooses to show you are rare. If you mean knowing them enough to trust that they will not steal your money, that can be assessed by looking at a woman’s reputation online. Why would I have so many clients raving about me if I’m in the habit of stealing their money, of if I was anything other than, generally speaking, very good at my job?

Man: The internet is full of liars and con artists.  

Me: Correct. Just today I had someone who seemed sincere and “promised” he was the kind of guy who didn’t need to give a deposit flake for the second time, last minute, and not show up. I am then out of pocket for the dungeon rental, my time has been wasted, and I have turned down other income for the day, which in my industry means a net profit loss. Most luxury services demand a deposit upfront anyway, and professional domination is the definition of a luxury service.

Man: I’m concerned about the lack of privacy with an electronic trail.

Me: Which is why I welcome deposits in cash a day or so before the session. 

Man: A deposit of $100 seems high.

Me: If you’re about to spend $300-$1000 total, it’s nothing. But thank you for outing yourself as a timewaster.

Man: I can give you various personal details in order to verify that I am who I am.

Me: That has no bearing on whether you show up to an appointment. I don’t want to blackmail you: I want to be paid for my time.

Man: The odds are pretty slim that I’m a liar.

Me: False. What percentage of welleviewed Dommes with their own websites, twitter following, fetlife profile and global fan base do you think “lie” about their deposits and steal them from their would-be clients? I would guess 1/20, if I were to be very cynical about it, because bad behavior is so easy to report for public figures like us. The percentage of would-be clients who don’t follow through with an inquiry or “lie” about not needing to make a deposit and then bail on their session is about 7/10, in my experience. Unless of course they provide a deposit, and then the no-show rate goes down to 1/10.

In conclusion, the onus is on the client to prove his trustworthiness. I have already proven mine. But you’re always welcome to take a gamble on someone without any sort of track record. That’s what the internet is for! Just ask Michael Phelps, who should have done his research.

Feet Femdom wm 72

For select weeks over the summer I will be offering group foot sessions in New York as a way to entertain me and my girlfriends. The sessions are bookable in 30 minute increments, and vary based on how many girls are involved. My co-Dommes will likely be a mix of both professionals and non-professionals. We will take certain requests into consideration: stinky, smelly, sweaty, filthy, dirty, dusty, clean, just-washed, or lightly scented are all on the table. Pedicure color and foot sizes are totally at our discretion. Footwear requests, however, depend on a confluence of your request and each of our moods.

Photo features me (right), Goddess Aviva (left), and two vanilla friends.

Please fill out my online booking form to inquire further.

Queen Femdom Goddess Darcy wm 72

Exciting news, UK slaves. I’ll be back in London for ten glorious days this fall. Although I have not confirmed the trip yet, I’m anticipating being there from the end of August through early September and should be booking my flight shortly. I know a lot of you are dying to see me as I’ve already gotten about two dozen requests from eager ladies and gentlemen alike. Make sure you submit your applications asap if you want to guarantee time with me! If you’ve never seen me before, fill out my online form here. If you have seen me before just drop me an email. I require deposits on almost all sessions.


I’ll be sessioning out of Central London in a private dungeon that has a full BDSM kit and suspension rig. It’s clean, discreet, and very easy to get to. Domestic sessions are also available for newbies and slaves who want a more “realistic” experience of girlfriend roleplay or domination in a vanilla setting. I already plan on doing a lot of toilet training, humiliation, edge play and corporal punishment while I’m in London, based on the requests I’ve gotten. If your interests fall outside of that, however, let me know in advance via my online form and I’ll be sure to bring the proper equipment and wardrobe to make it an exciting session for us both.

One of the reasons I keep returning to England is my massive network of scene friends there. I always party my hardest when I’m in England, as I find the kink scene in London to be unparalleled to anything else in the entire world. I plan on attending Torture Garden September 4, which resumes its indoor blowouts at Electrowerkz and the Coronet for the fall. I’ll also be at the Fix Up Look Sharp munch on August 30 in Central London. If you see me at any fetish parties or munches, you can always politely introduce yourself as a fan. Bonus points if you ask for an autograph on your knees: I do love being recognized in public, especially on foreign soil.


Adult Baby Session

In my seven years as a dominatrix I’ve sessioned in quite a few different kinds of venue, all over the world. Each location provides general positives and negatives, although the specifics can vary greatly from space to space. Always check in with your Domme if you have specific questions; in all likelihood she will totally understand why you’re asking and be sensitive to your concerns. Sometimes the client has an opportunity to choose what kind of venue in which to see his or her Domme, but frequently you just have to go with whatever is available. If you do have the luxury of choice, the below list should help you decide.

PRIVATE DUNGEON – The top choice for many slaves. 

  • Positives: The Mistress has her own equipment, and if she’s successful enough to have her own space reserved for sessions she should have a pretty comprehensive collection. You can usually expect good sanitation standards, and the Mistress will be able to quickly find and correctly use each piece of kit. The space is typically VERY discreet and controlled, so that you won’t have to see other people or deal with the “energy” of others using the space while you’re there.
  • Negatives: Private dungeons can lack some bigger or more elaborate pieces of BDSM furniture that you can find in rental dungeons. There may only be a dungeon room, not a domestic space for lighter or “vanilla” sessions. Mistresses will often have stricter screening protocol for their private spaces, vs. a rental space. Some private dungeons are not centrally located, as the Mistress will have to pay rent on the space herself, monthly. Real estate in the center of town is expensive! As a result, many do not offer private dungeon sessions at all.

RENTAL DUNGEON – Second most common choice.

  • Positives: There is usually A LOT of equipment to choose from, and sometimes pretty impressive interior design, depending on the facility. Most rental dungeons are centrally located, which makes for easy scheduling. Sometimes there is even a staff of Dommes working shifts, which makes it simple to bring in other women for doubles or, if you are inclined to go that route, just try a solo session with a house Domme. The pros and cons of house Dommes vs. independents are too myriad for this article, but suffice to say I am independent for good reason.
  • Negatives: One of the biggest turn-offs for rental dungeons is the issue of sanitation. A lot (as in hundreds and sometimes thousands) of people have used those spaces, and there is no guarantee that ANY of the equipment has been cleaned properly after it’s been used. Financially speaking, the Mistress will have to pay a rental fee per hour, which she may end up charging you for on top of her tribute. At times there are other people sessioning out of commercial dungeon spaces in the next room, which means you may overhear other people or even see them in the hallway depending on the venue. Sometimes I’ve also experienced certain things that just come with the territory of a public space: cigarette smoke, evidence of previous sessions, bad attitudes from other Dommes or dungeon staff, etc.

DOMESTIC SPACE – Third most common request.

  • Positives: A domestic setting can feel more “realistic” in that you can act out many of the domination fantasies that you’ve been thinking about incorporating into your “normal life.” Scenes in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen can be quite erotic with the right Domme, and if she’s creative she can take everyday objects and turn them into weapons of torture and titillation. You usually can count on complete discretion, as often times the Mistress will be working either out of her home or a domestic room in her private studio. It also makes some roleplays a lot more “convincing” depending on the scenario. Domestic settings are a natural fit for any slave wanting a roleplay about a girlfriend, mother, teacher or babysitter, or any ABDL, humiliation, or sensual sessions.
  • Negatives: If you want a hardcore scene, the lack of some BDSM furniture can be frustrating. It can also be a hindrance if you’re doing a particularly messy session and either you or the Domme is worried about disrupting the space. Pausing to put a tarp down or clean a mess off the couch can really break the mood. At times a more relaxed space can either make the slave feel like the session is not intense or taboo enough, and sometimes it can lull a Domme into becoming too relaxed or even boring–the Mistress herself may slip into “vanilla” mode without even realizing it, though she would of course NEVER admit to it.

HOTEL ROOM – Common when traveling.

  • Positives: Neverending towels and a guard at the desk are a huge perk for me, and in general I am much more comfortable seeing slaves in a hotel room than I am in a rental dungeon. There’s also something delightfully naughty about sessioning in an unfamiliar space. The elicit anonymity of a hotel room can really add to the taboo nature of a session, making it feel like more of a lifestyle encounter than a transaction. Hotel rooms are generally designed and decorated well (at least the hotels I stay in), so I don’t have to worry about uncomfortable furniture or distasteful artwork on the walls. Most Mistresses, including myself, will intentionally choose centrally located hotels in order to maximize the number of sessions they can take when traveling. It bears mentioning I have NEVER, not once, had an issue with security or noise complaints at a hotel, and I have stayed in probably a hundred different properties all around the world.
  • Negatives: Most hotel rooms are pretty dirty, though the upkeep is designed to reassure you otherwise. You should NEVER drink out of the glasses or coffee maker without washing them first, and ALWAYS line the ice bucket with a plastic bag before filling it. Some hotels require key card access to use the elevators, which can be a major setback if you have a nervous client. It’s not a big deal for most people to hitch a ride with a hotel guest on their way up to your room, but if a client has paranoia about discretion it can put a damper on the first part of the session as his heart rate gets back to normal. Some clients don’t like the anonymous energy in hotel rooms either, finding it too tacky or “sex worker-ey” to be able to enjoy themselves. Finally, there is the limitation of equipment: a Domme can only fit so much into her suitcase each time she travels.

PUBLIC – A category all of its own.

  • Positives: Adding in other humans to your session can be terrifying, but if you’re ready to “break the fourth wall” as it were, public interaction can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. It presents a layer of unpredictability and “realism” that cannot be replicated in any private space. Humiliation, adrenaline and exposure are the default settings for public scenes, and a Domme can put in very little energy and imagination while getting maximum reaction out of her submissive. There is also the constant threat of danger and even arrest, which is of course always under tight supervision by the Domme (we hope) so that it remains only a delicious threat.
  • Negatives: You’re limited in the equipment you can use, and sometimes the presence of other people can be a hindrance not a benefit (like when they decide to participate in a way that is not welcome). At times a Domme can embarrass herself inadvertently, which can disrupt the entire scene. If a submissive has a freakout, he may go well beyond what a Domme is capable of dealing with, including walking (or even running) off, or suffering some sort of small panic attack that he is unable to escape. There is also, always, the danger of being arrested or kicked out of the public venue. And many Dommes who specialize in public humiliation fail to take into account the inherent nonconsensual aspect of what they do: it’s a fine line that requires respect for ALL parties, including the public audience.

For any nervous first timers who want to ease into their virgin voyage with a Domme, a domestic session is a great, low-pressure environment. If you’re ready to jump into the deep end with your Mistress, you should opt for a dungeon. And if you’re not in New York and are obsessed with me, you should just fly me out to see you and put me up in a hotel!

When I session out of hotels, I always travel with a full kit which fits into two large hardshell suitcases. I pack carefully for each trip after going over my notes on each confirmed client. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a session and realizing you don’t have the crucial item you need. If there’s something in particular you’re looking to try, for example a humbler, electric probe, or toilet hood, tell me in advance and I’ll make sure to pack it, assuming I own it.

My own private space is a cross between domestic and dungeon: I have a limited selection of BDSM furniture but enough equipment to stock several dungeon rooms. Most of my kit is “hidden in plain sight,” however, as I like to keep things looking deceptively vanilla. If you decide you want to see me in my private space in New York City, you should note my screening process. I require either a good reference from a reputable independent, or a paid consultation in advance of the session in order to make sure you are safe and sane. It’s well worth it though: my space is gorgeous, immaculate, and always smells great. Just like me.