Perfect buttocks. Side view of beautiful young naked woman cover

If you’re interested in serving as a toilet for Dom/me, you should know ask yourself a few basic questions. Hardsports in particular is an edge play activity, and can be dangerous, both physically and psychologically. Read this quick checklist to make sure you’re up for the challenge, and that your Dominant meets some basic standards. For those of you interested in toilet play, you’ll be doing it anyway: you might as well do it safely!

-Has he or she been tested for STD’s recently including Hepatitis A and B?

-Does he or she have testing paperwork to show you upon request?

-Is his or her space clean and discreet?

-Is he or she mentally compelling and able to “talk you into it” if need be, as well as “talk you down” when it’s over? Intense guilt and shame can kick in quickly when you’re finished.

-Is he or she welleviewed, or do you have mutual friends who can vouch for the person’s play style and trustworthiness?

-Are there recent photos of the Dominant available anywhere, or have you met them in person recently? Nothing is worse than showing up for a high-pressure exchange like toiletry to find you’re not attracted to the person.

-Portions? Taste? Smell? Ask for honest self-appraisal beforehand if those aspects matter to you.

-Natural or chemically-induced? You should be able to request the former.

-Is there a regular shower facility for when you’ve finished? Let’s hope so.