IMG_6881I have cherished the past eight years as a full-time, full-on, world-renowned, jet-setting dominatrix. My slaves have been loyal, my rent has been high, and the parties have been legend. However, this is the year that things will start to change. The Year of the Darcy–perhaps more so than any other year.

  1. In six months’ time I will, at the very least, discontinue seeing new clients.
  2. I may opt to cease hourly sessions altogether.
  3. If I do end my hourly session practice, I will instead create infrastructure for a handful of financially comfortable (read: rich) personal slaves with whom I can cultivate positive, profound and psychologically intimate D/s relationships.

If you have always dreamed of seeing me, now is the time. I will be essentially going on a world tour in the next six months, and will attempt to visit as many cities as I can to meet those of you who have been begging me to visit. However, if you do not see your city on my travel schedule when it is announced, you should inquiring about flying me to you. I can’t guarantee my availability, but if I have the time and your references check out, I would be happy to make the trip. Anyone who wishes to be grandfathered into my favor should I continue to do hourly sessions needs to see me between now and October 1. After that, you will be unable to see me in person if we have never met.

This is not an official retirement, nor is this me leaving domination. I will be a Domme for as long as my feet will fit into a pair of heels. This is an expansion of my practice; a necessary evolution of my self and my business which has been percolating for years. My D/s philosophies, writing, and overall scene presence will continue to thrive, and I will endeavor to be a force for good for BDSM now more than ever. My kink bonds will become deeper than ever before. I will grow as a Domme and, indeed, as a woman. I look forward to getting to know some of you over the next six months whom I never would have met otherwise, and this farewell tour will be one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done!

For those of you who are hesitant to start a relationship with me out of fear that I may opt out of hourly sessions in not-so-very-long, I would ask that you A) calm down B) consider the natural expiry date on everything good in life and C) ask yourself if you want your life to change irrevocably for the better. My track record is indisputable. Or you can take to twitter to see what my fans are saying. Book a session with me, you helpless little lamb. Now is your chance, and only now.

You may visit my booking page here. My tributes, for any appointments booked after the time of this writing, will reflect my limited availability.

I hope this news brings out the best in you: your courage, your chivalry, your grace, your faith. While I do love the sound of my own voice, I also practice what I preach, and this transition will mark a new and incredibly exciting phase for Darcy filled with joy and power.

Worship while you can, boys and girls. This Goddess is en route to heaven.