Have you thanked your sub(s) lately? Take a moment and think…they do so much for us. Although most dominants are not known for their humility, when we do feel it, it is profound.

Thank you to Greg, who has been with me the longest. What, five years now? I can’t wait to beat his ass bloody soon to really say thank you. He’s also, incidentally, a spectacular Femdom enthusiast. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Greg, you’re the shit.

Thank you to Alise, without whom this site would not run. She’s collared now and just pierced her ears today. I’m proud as a peach. You deserve that collar, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you to my little girl for loving me. I love you back. See you tomorrow.

Thank you to Laura for being there for me in all ways, and to Liz for being stunning and brilliant. Now bend over.

Thank you to Phoenix for being invaluable already. Couldn’t be doing this without you, girl. Oh and…pandas!

Thank you to dreamer and raj, for your devotion and faithful service. And for the presents this week! I needed a pick-me-up. Can’t wait to show off both gorgeous items this weekend.

And little m, you are my most recent trophy. Get your ass back here to New York so I can do bad things!

Take a second and text, email, or call your favorite submissives, right now. Most of them just want to see you happy. Give them the gift of letting them know you’re pleased, and maybe even that you like them and enjoy their submission. (Domme hack: doing this will make them work harder!) Our interactions are so much richer when you give thanks and receive “you’re welcome.” It can be vulnerable, but it’s worth it.