Ever had a fantasy of being bound, gagged and abducted? Of going about your typical day only to find yourself drugged and in the back of a van? Tortured and interrogated at the hands of a beautiful woman? A kidnapping fetish is not the most common fantasy out there, but it’s certainly not unheard of. And if I like it, then surely it can’t be wrong!

For a couple of days in August I’ll be filming a short documentary about the fetish which will involve me actually kidnapping someone. It will be fun with a professional camera crew, and you are not required to show your face. If you’d like to apply please email me PHOTOS – 3 vanilla face and body– to darcy @ with the subject line “Kidnapping” and we can go from there–I will need to meet with you in advance to have a chat about everything. Again: NO FACE REQUIRED. You can be anonymous in this video and simply enjoy submitting to my wicked plan as the scene unf0lds.

I’m really looking forward to the shoot, and excited to meet a new victim!