This isn’t an endorsement of Trump, but it is an endorsement of his peculiar ability to provide a brutally honest assessment of the status quo. I think the reason so many people respond to Trump positively is that he is an emotional candidate who takes stock of things in a raw, unapologetic way and responds swiftly to stumbling blocks with words, not actions, whenever he can. It’s a trait many of us wish we had: the ability to do something about the things that bother us.

Have you tried that same tactic on with your own life ever? How about your sex life? How about your marriage? Take a page from Trump and get real with the situations you’ve created for yourself. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s the only way you can start to bring about change.

The majority of my clients are unhappy in some way with their sex life or romantic partnership. I provide an outlet for them to temporarily fix the problem, but the looks on their faces as many of them leave tells me they didn’t want their time with me to ever end. What a horrible way to go through life: feeling as though you’re only really truly living for a few hours each week. Of course we all have moments that are more enjoyable than others–highlights and low lights–but I’m challenging you to raise the bar on your joy and demand that your life be better. Especially your sex/kink life. (NB: sex and kink are by no means the same thing, but I put them together in the same phrase because they’re often related.)

Every single person out there who is sexually energized deserves to express that sexuality whenever and however they can, criminals and abusers aside obviously! Chances are your sex drive and kink drive really aren’t hurting anyone, so if you’re unfulfilled it begs the question: why are you allowing that unfulfillment?

I’m used to being the highlight of my clients’ day/week/month/year, and frankly I love it. I see my role as somewhere between Seductress and Shaman. As long as there are tales of love, there will be tales of the Woman You Cannot Have, but surely there’s a happy medium. You might not be able to BE with me, or be my slave all the time, every day, but for too many kind, devoted, and otherwise intelligent clients of mine there is a chasm between the fantasy of having someone like me as their partner and the partner they actually have (if they are even partnered at all).

I have enough clients that it in no way threatens my livelihood to encourage them to get out and start meeting men and women on the lifestyle scene, if they’re single. If my client is married and in a sexually repressed partnership, I offer coaching, female empowerment courses for wives and girlfriends, and double sessions that have literally transformed marriages. There’s no reason to have your fantasies impossibly far from your reality. You can have it all.

Take stock of your happiness right now. Are you joyful in your personal life situation? If so, go away: we’re commiserating over here. If not, write out a description of your perfect and complete dream life. What is the absolute best case scenario for you, especially regarding relationship and partnership? Do you crave one ideal soulmate or a few play partners and a primary? How do you want to feel with that person(s) every day? What are the inner traits in your partner that you want at the forefront of your relationship? How much and what kind of sex/kink would you like to be doing every day?

Becoming a ProDomme changed my sex life forever. Not only do I (feel like I) get younger and hornier every year, but it raised my personal standard on the kind of person I wanted to be with. My definition of physical, emotional and mental chemistry is very, very high now, and it was my experiences in kink that helped me claim that standard. Thanks to kink and D/s I also demand people treat me well now, and I won’t tolerate an oppressive relationship in any form. My journey took eight years, but it’s been worth the wait. If you had guaranteed happiness waiting at the end of eight years of personal development and exploration, wouldn’t you start today?

Postscript: I am not, nor would I ever, vote for Donald Trump.