This is a review of a recent cuck scene that a slave wrote up of his own volition. I am reposting here with his permission. Fond memories reading back…


When you watch cuckold porn, it’s so sexy and erotic: beautiful women, well-hung Bulls and, naturally, some pathetic cuckold in the corner. It’s fun and enjoyable. But it simply cannot get anywhere near conveying the real emotional effect that this powerful dynamic can create.

Recently i had the opportunity to serve the beautiful Mistress Darcy and the chance to be Her cuckold. i have known Mistress Darcy for a few years, and i can honestly say she’s more beautiful than any pictures portray, far smarter than most, and definitely witty and sharper than me. In short, exactly the sort of lady you’d swipe right on, and beg for a second date; well that’s definitely how i feel and why being her cuckold was a genuine emotional ride for me.

For various reasons i hadn’t enjoyed an orgasm for the prior 25 days, and in the few days between setting up and having the session, i was in chastity. i had dropped the keys off discretely at the front desk of her hotel prior to her arrival. Being in chastity and knowing what was in store drove me a bit crazy, but it was totally worth it when i got to see the keys dangling elegantly from her beautiful Yurman necklace.

There’s no need to detail the events that transpired, however the effect that night had on me was profound.

  • My heart racing as Her Bull entered the room (He was a really nice, but definitely Alpha, man)
  • The humiliation of haveing to take off another mans shoes and jeans
  • Presenting myself in panties and chastity to a Bull – there is no hiding the shame, you just have to accept it
  • Witnessing a Real Man provide pleasure in a way you know you can’t – there’s no more pathetic feeling

Ultimately however, i know i’m a better person for it. Mistress Darcy has definitely helped to reinforce my beta status. Despite witnessing something so erotic and beautiful, when Mistress Darcy did unlock me, i was unable to get hard for her. Humiliating – of course, feeling pathetic and inadequate – naturally; but deep down i accepted it, i know my body and mind are getting conditioned more and more to focus less my pathetic urges and instead embrace life as a beta.

Thank You Mistress Darcy and Her Bull.