Unbelievably excited, honored, thrilled, horny, and proud to announce that I have a new Sardax portrait! It was commissioned for me by a lovely man who I met a few years back in London. We had instant chemistry, and a deep understanding of one another. He wanted to show his reverence with a very special gift, and decided that an original artwork by the world-renowned Sardax was the ideal way to do so. From that moment on, a masterpiece was born!

Sardax featured it in his recent four-part fairytale spread in a well-known Japanese fetish magazine, along with the gorgeous Mistress Eleise and a few other incredible Goddesses who happen to resemble classic storybook characters. I can’t wait to see the article!

Although a slave commissioned the portrait, he knows and respects my fondness for tall, hung studs. As a result, the handsome Prince Charming is depicted as my well-endowed hostage. When alpha takes on alpha, only one dominant will triumph! In my femdom opinion, the classic Snow White story should have ended with the woman in control regardless. Too many fairytales leave the woman powerless and reliant on a man to save her. Fortunately Sardax has given us a chance to rewrite history.

For you fairytale fans, here’s one of his previous works with my friend Alice Malice, who posed for a four-part Alice in Wonderland spread. I couldn’t be more pleased with how mine turned out, and feel honored to be in such esteemed company. Thank you Sardax for another incredible piece!



I’m a CEO. I have a Chief Strategist. His name is Tom. Donald Trump will have a Strategist as well. His name is Steve Bannon. If you don’t understand the importance of a Strategist, let me explain.


A CEO is nothing without his or her team, and the best CEO’s have a Strategist who is as capable and efficient as they are, if not more so. The CEO is often the face of things, and while a CEO is busy making decisions on agenda and stance, wheeling and dealing with top-level colleagues and competitors, making public appearances and statements, and overseeing the executive staffing of a company, the Strategist is working behind the scenes to steer the entire operation towards the CEO’s goals and ensuring that the tactical branch of decision-making remains aligned with the organization’s mission. Most of the day-to-day decisions and mid-level staffing are happening below the CEO, and in many cases the second in command who oversees all of this is the Chief Strategist. If the CEO is the head of an organization, the Chief Strategist is the hands and arms.

Steve Bannon has seen a lot of action this year. He is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, which is America’s biggest media outlet for the extreme right. He was also the CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. He has just now been named Trump’s Chief Strategist for the White House, which has sent America’s mainstream media and left wing into utter outrage and panic. They should have come to me instead. My staff is far better equipped to run our country, and I think Tom would have made a great White House Strategist.

Here is a brief comparison of Tom and Bannon.

Domestic Violence

Bannon was charged by the Santa Monica District Attorney for domestic violence. Tom, however, welcomes domestic violence from me, against him. In fact, the more I beat him, the happier he is. Tom recently tweeted that a man guilty of domestic abuse “deserves to have someone kick crap out of him, there is never any reason for a man to raise his fists to a woman.”


Under Bannon, Breitbart has become the voice for white nationalism, aka white supremacy. David Duke, the head of the KKK, thinks Bannon will uphold all the ideologies of the KKK when he takes office, and Breitbart has allowed some pretty shocking anti-semitic statements in the past. Tom, on the other hand, is a Darcy supremacist. The only person he thinks is better than anyone else is me. He is in no way racist, and he does not tolerate racism on Team Darcy.


Bannon has made a string of misogynistic comments and been brought into court several times for sexual discrimination. Breitbart is also notoriously anti-feminist. Tom, on the other hand, loves women and everything they have to offer. He does not feel women are lesser than men, stupider than men, or that women should be kept from the workforce and relegated to their households. In fact, Tom thinks more women should be Executives, and that most companies would benefit from female leadership.


In conclusion, Tom should be allowed to work as Chief Strategist in the White House (while wearing handcuffs), and Bannon should be handcuffed for real and banned from entering the White House now and for all time.

Femdom Slave

I now have an opening for a dedicated Social Media Minion to assist me with some of my social media planning and execution. It’s a fun role, and requires a VERY trustworthy slave who is also intelligent and experienced and willing to talk to me every week.

Age: 22 – 40

Gender: No preference. Male, Female, Transgendered.

Location: Can work remotely, anywhere worldwide so long as English is excellent.

Time Commitment: 6 – 10 hours a week.

Communication: Directly with Mistress Darcy via Skype, IM or in-person, at least once per week.

Personality: Educated and articulate. Able to digest info and communicate it to others, and conduct online research. Able to learn quickly and assimilate new technologies and trends within a week or less. Funny and/or witty according to your friends.

Work Flow: Able to work quickly with a consistent turn-around- time of 4 days or less on large projects. Analytically-minded, able to spot trends and patterns and identify new opportunities for social media.

Required Skills:

  • Email marketing
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Social media scheduling
  • Blogging

Bonus Skills:

  • Twitter Analytics
  • Data analysis
  • Photo resizing
  • Canva
  • Snapchat

Please email servedarcy@gmail.com to request an application. This will start the process for your application for the position. There are several steps to the interview, but most highly qualified, personable and eager to work slaves are at the very least given serious consideration.

Queening the Employee

I need to take this call…do you mind?

I’ve been assembling quite the incredible stable of personal slaves this year, including a fully functional office staff. They’ve all been invaluable so far as I grow my empire, and I decided to pay homage to the work they’re doing with a little “office porn” I found from my archives. Thanks to the pathetic bitches who agreed to be in the shoot.

Spitting in His Mouth

Mid-morning treat for my little office lackey.

Typical daily tasks range from administrative projects and fetching coffee to project management, fetching coffee, HR and data analysis. If you would like to apply to be on the finest office staff in the world (and work only for the pleasure of my dominance) please email servedarcy@gmail.com to begin the process.


There’s always room at the top. And the very bottom.


Have you thanked your sub(s) lately? Take a moment and think…they do so much for us. Although most dominants are not known for their humility, when we do feel it, it is profound.

Thank you to Greg, who has been with me the longest. What, five years now? I can’t wait to beat his ass bloody soon to really say thank you. He’s also, incidentally, a spectacular Femdom enthusiast. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. Greg, you’re the shit.

Thank you to Alise, without whom this site would not run. She’s collared now and just pierced her ears today. I’m proud as a peach. You deserve that collar, and I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

Thank you to my little girl for loving me. I love you back. See you tomorrow.

Thank you to Laura for being there for me in all ways, and to Liz for being stunning and brilliant. Now bend over.

Thank you to Phoenix for being invaluable already. Couldn’t be doing this without you, girl. Oh and…pandas!

Thank you to dreamer and raj, for your devotion and faithful service. And for the presents this week! I needed a pick-me-up. Can’t wait to show off both gorgeous items this weekend.

And little m, you are my most recent trophy. Get your ass back here to New York so I can do bad things!

Take a second and text, email, or call your favorite submissives, right now. Most of them just want to see you happy. Give them the gift of letting them know you’re pleased, and maybe even that you like them and enjoy their submission. (Domme hack: doing this will make them work harder!) Our interactions are so much richer when you give thanks and receive “you’re welcome.” It can be vulnerable, but it’s worth it.

Darcy Ink Drawing.72Hello my fans and friends, I have an exciting announcement:

I have ONE new position open for a graphic design slave from anywhere in the world. He or she will be required to work for me a few hours a week remotely (varies week to week), answering to both me and my Executive Assistant. I have some exciting new projects in the works which require an expert eye, and I will only be able to hire one of the applicants.

All of my personal slaves who are a part of the recently formalized Team Darcy receive excellent care and guardianship. If you would like to join the ranks, and pass the interview process, you will be treated in the same manner. You must fill out a brief application for the position. Experience in Photoshop required; Lightroom, InDesign and social media experience a plus.

Some of the Graphic Designer duties may include:

  • Creating fan art
  • Website page layout
  • Watermarking photos
  • Designing memes
  • Photo retouching
  • Social media and design innovation
  • Brainstorm sessions on graphics and visual marketing
  • Culling photos and tweets from my social media archives

Please complete the first part of the application here. If you have questions about the role or position, or any problems with the application, please email servedarcy at gmail dot com.


Starting today, I will be actively seeking out a few new team members for my stable of New York City slaves. The positions are for dedicated, service-oriented submissives who will make my life easier with their in-person service. Much like my remote team of assistants, admins, designers, etc, this locally-based team will work together to see that all of my needs are met here in New York. I should not have to ask that someone clean my place before I come back for a trip, or worry about whether I have a chauffeur to and from the airport.

My expectations will be high. For instance, I need assurance that someone is waiting to drive me home to a sparkling clean apartment. Ultimately I want to focus on my business endeavors and occasional social plans with friends and lovers, instead of menial tasks.

I am open to males, females, sissies, and everything in between, as long as you are loyal, dependable and focused on service to me over your kinks. To apply, you must have at least eight hours a week to dedicate to me, be it running errands, picking up packages or simply waiting / hoping for me to contact you while you cover an on-call shift.


  • 18 – 60 years old
  • Male, Female, Transgendered all welcome
  • Minimum eight hours a week to be dedicated to Mistress Darcy
  • Live and/or works within 60 minutes of New York City
  • Clean-cut, professional and presentable
  • Service-oriented and focused
  • Enjoys high protocol D/s service
  • Willing to collaborate with other team members


  • Chauffeur with own car a plus
  • Maid / Butler
  • Errand boy / girl
  • Meal planning / preparation
  • Shopping
  • Ebay listings / processing
  • Package pick-up / returns
  • Coffee delivery or preparation

To apply, send a polite email to servedarcy@gmail.com and request an application (to be completed via email).

CEO Dominatrix

As the CEO of my own startup, I manage my small team of dedicated employees with incredible care and consideration. Most of my hires are freelance contractors, however, I’m thrilled to announce my latest full-time member of staff.

Please welcome my new Executive Assistant, Kyle Davenport, to #TeamDarcy. He will be helping me streamline a lot of my administration and business development over the coming months. Davenport beat out a long line of other applicants, and so far he’s already been invaluable. Things are heating up around here, and I need all the help I can get!

As you know, my Personal Assistant, Anna, has been a presence for sometime. She will continue to work for me, and should they contact you, I expect you to interact with both Davenport and Anna with a baseline of respect and etiquette. They are part of my team and, thus, an extension of me.

If you wish to be a part of my new #TeamDarcy initiative, please drop Davenport an email at darcysassistant@gmail.com. He will set you up with an application for service straightaway which I will review in the next few weeks, when I have a chance.

Femdom Financial

I recently had to grapple with a very entitled male about my deposit process. He attempted to make a weak argument against them. Out of boredom and the desire to write a new blog post, I destroyed his logic on every point. Here is his argument, and my rebuttal, which outlines the many reasons why you should just shut up and pay if you’re serious about seeing a professional dominant:

Man: Deposits aren’t classy.

Me: I am clearly and irrevocably classy, and if you don’t think so then why would you contact me? The vast quantity of photos of me, reviews about me, and text written by me are a testament to my elegance and professionalism, and if you don’t agree then you should not even consider sessioning with me. Save your money for someone “actually” classy, like the Duchess of Cambridge. Though apparently she’s got some pretty filthy friends.

Man: I don’t trust anyone until I get to know them.

Me: That sounds like a very lonely life. Regardless, the chances of you actually “getting to know” the personal side of any ProDomme above and beyond the character traits she chooses to show you are rare. If you mean knowing them enough to trust that they will not steal your money, that can be assessed by looking at a woman’s reputation online. Why would I have so many clients raving about me if I’m in the habit of stealing their money, of if I was anything other than, generally speaking, very good at my job?

Man: The internet is full of liars and con artists.  

Me: Correct. Just today I had someone who seemed sincere and “promised” he was the kind of guy who didn’t need to give a deposit flake for the second time, last minute, and not show up. I am then out of pocket for the dungeon rental, my time has been wasted, and I have turned down other income for the day, which in my industry means a net profit loss. Most luxury services demand a deposit upfront anyway, and professional domination is the definition of a luxury service.

Man: I’m concerned about the lack of privacy with an electronic trail.

Me: Which is why I welcome deposits in cash a day or so before the session. 

Man: A deposit of $100 seems high.

Me: If you’re about to spend $300-$1000 total, it’s nothing. But thank you for outing yourself as a timewaster.

Man: I can give you various personal details in order to verify that I am who I am.

Me: That has no bearing on whether you show up to an appointment. I don’t want to blackmail you: I want to be paid for my time.

Man: The odds are pretty slim that I’m a liar.

Me: False. What percentage of welleviewed Dommes with their own websites, twitter following, fetlife profile and global fan base do you think “lie” about their deposits and steal them from their would-be clients? I would guess 1/20, if I were to be very cynical about it, because bad behavior is so easy to report for public figures like us. The percentage of would-be clients who don’t follow through with an inquiry or “lie” about not needing to make a deposit and then bail on their session is about 7/10, in my experience. Unless of course they provide a deposit, and then the no-show rate goes down to 1/10.

In conclusion, the onus is on the client to prove his trustworthiness. I have already proven mine. But you’re always welcome to take a gamble on someone without any sort of track record. That’s what the internet is for! Just ask Michael Phelps, who should have done his research.

Errand Boy Secretary

I have an opening for a fit, smart and capable submissive to serve me in New York City roughly 2-10 hours per week. The official title is errand boy, if male, or secretary, if female or TS/TV/CD. Job responsibilities may include: DIY, research, gopher-type tasks, cleaning, shopping lists, light admin, driving, equipment and studio maintenance, organization and general support and assistance when I need it. I have found the best situations are when I craft the details of the service position around the person, not the other way around.

While I do occasionally “play” with my personal servants (play is a misleading term for the way I dominate, but still), it is completely at my discretion and largely based on how attractive and annoying/not annoying I find you. Age, looks, and health ultimately have less to do with how attractive you are than your psychology. If you expect BDSM activities, you won’t get them. If you help me out with a sense of generosity and joy, you’ll find yourself edging your way to the top of my priority list. This usually takes several weeks at least, so the most important thing is to feel an urge to contribute to my life. I offer an accepting, mature, compassionate environment for my servants, though I am very strict when my orders are not followed.

If you are a service-oriented male or female submissive seeking an alpha Female guiding force in your life, or a helpful and capable young switch or newbie with a desire to assist a hot female, I welcome your application. Please email as follows to darcy@mistressdarcy.com.


Errand boy (if male)

Secretary (if female or TS/TV/CD)


No more than three sentences about your previous experience relevant to the job position. Applications longer than this will be ignored. Don’t tell me about your individual BDSM interests outside of a desire to serve. That’s a phase two discussion.

One sentence detailing general availability in NYC: times/dates, etc.

Note any references you have from previous Dom/mes. Include their name, email and phone.

Note if you have a vehicle or not (bike, car, truck, etc).

Note your location: must be in the tri-state area.

Include three photos of yourself, including a clear face photo and a clear body photo. I will delete all photos after reading. I have no interest in congesting my hard drive with your personal information.