So proud to accept a Guest of Honor award at this year’s inaugural Dom Con New Orleans. I have never visited the city before, and I cannot wait to finally make a trip. I’ll be exploring as many of the local sites and attractions as possible during the day, while of course enjoying the convention in my spare moments and attending the play parties at night.

If you’d like to see me in session, I should have some time here and there for a select few slaves. Please fill out my online booking form asap to get on my radar. I’ll have a Bull on hand for any cuckolding slaves, and if you pass my application process he and I will consider seeing you.

Financial Domination.wm.square

The only thing that cools me off is cold hard cash.

I’m delighted to have been asked to be a speaker at the 2016 New York City Porn Film Festival. The Festival dates are June 4-5 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and there should be a broad assortment of fascinating pieces playing. The festival was quite controversial when it debuted last year, and although pornography itself is a very divisive subject, the festival will no doubt raise local (if not national) awareness about sex positivity and sexual expression.

I’ll be speaking about financial domination. Although not the focus of my D/s practice, it’s something I have experience in and which I’ve been interviewed for in the past for The New York Observer and other mainstream publications. I think financial domination is fascinating, and I’m excited to bring the subject of kink to a mainstream event like this.

One of the things I’ll be discussing is the crux of how and why giving money to a woman can be erotic, and why financial domination goes beyond transactionalism. There are many sides of financial domination, just as there are myriad aspects to the eroticism of most BDSM activities, and it’s one of those kinks that is so easy to write off as “extreme” without actually going deeper and understanding the dynamics of giving money and losing money.

Anyone interested in attending the New York City Port Festival can acquire tickets here.  If you’re interested in financial domination, please contact me appropriately here to start a conversation.

Kink BDSM Femdom Kink Roleplay

Want to convert your partner? Spice up your bedroom? Take your kink to the next fun, creative level? I’m hosting an extraordinary class on March 6th at 7pm at the infamous Coco de Mer in Convent Garden, London that can do all of that for you, and much more. This is your chance to learn about the intricacies of erotic roleplay in a safe, luxurious and inspiring setting.

The Marvels of Erotic Roleplay

Coco de Mer, March 6th 7pm-10pm

23 Monmouth St, London WC2H 9DD, United Kingdom

Here is an excerpt from the Coco de Mer website:

“In this salon your teacher, internationally renowned Dominatrix and lifestyle kink practitioner Mistress Darcy, will guide you through how to indulge in role play. Over the course of two hours you’ll be instructed on how to create a scintillating role play covering every base from how to negotiate boundaries with your partner, through to the tools needed to set the scene. To bring the ideas to life Mistress Darcy will give a demonstration with her assistant of a role play session in full swing, after which you and a partner will plan your own scene under her expert guidance.”

The class is £95 which is a total steal for three hours. You get individualized attention from me as well, and unlimited Q and A. Also a great place to meet single young kink-curious hotties…just FYI!


I’m honored to be starting as an instructor this fall at the luxury lingerie store Coco de Mer in London. I’ll be offering my first course October 30th as part of their Sensual Education salon series–just in time for Halloween! The salon is called The Marvels of Role Play and offers both BDSM and D/s basics as well as a step-by-step guide to conceiving and executing your most exotic scenarios in the bedroom (or any other room you like). If you’re interested in taking the class, please sign up here. Feel free to drop me an email in advance of the salon to introduce yourself. I love saying hello to new students!

Based in London, Coco de Mer has some of the finest undergarments I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. They sell truly exquisite sex toys and upscale BDSM equipment for people who want to enrich their love life with designer tools and accessories. If you’ve never been to their shop in Covent Garden, I highly recommend stopping in. It feels like stepping into a delicious time warp, back to the days when modest Victorian mores turned our basic sexual needs into elegant, erotic reverie. If you want to spoil your lover or partner (or me for that matter) this is an ideal shop to visit. And for all of you based outside the UK, their online store is pretty comprehensive.

London Fetish Weekend

There is an event in London every fall that is so absolutely loaded-down with amazing events and parties that I literally order you to attend, whether you’re a sub or not! The London Fetish Weekend, which runs September 4th-7th this year, is four days of debauchery catering to both the international fetish party circuit as well as London’s locals. My good friend Mistress Absolute is at the helm, and she and her amazing team work tirelessly yearound to create an itinerary for the weekend that tests the reserves of even the most die-hard party animal (i.e. me). There are a few all-weekend passes left, which I recommend if you are considering doing even three of the seven events. For anyone hoping to run into me, I will give you a breakdown of the events I’ll be attending. You are always welcome to make a polite introduction if you see me out at a fetish function.

My weekend begins Thursday night when I will be stopping into the Camden Crunch. If you’ve not been to the Crunch before, it’s somewhere between a fetish club (because it’s loaded with kinksters) and a munch (because it’s at a “normal bar”). My friend Alex runs the evening, and lately he has been filling the venue to capacity. 600 kinksters packed into a vanilla bar in Camden is absolutely as drunk and awesome as it sounds.

After that I will be doing a double-header on Friday with Peer Kink London and Torture Garden. If you’ve not heard about Peer Kink London, it’s the most educational kink event in London right now; it allows peer-to-peer training and Q&A on whatever kink activity you want to learn more about. The September 5th Peer Kink event is from 7pm-3am at the massive Murder Mile studio which is very conducive to elaborate, private scenes. Though not affiliated with the London Fetish Weekend, I definitely want to attend at least the first half of Peer Kink in order to lend my knowledge and skill for anyone interested in BDSM and domination. Then I’ll be dancing the night away at Torture Garden, the largest fetish club in the world. It’s at Electrowerkz for September, and you can get tickets here. The best nights of my life have been at Torture Garden. Yes, that is a bold statement, and yes, it is totally true. I wrote a story about my epic party times at Torture Garden; you can read it here.

On Saturday I will be at Club Subversion in one of my new latex outfits. My two default designers are Slaughterhouse Couture and House of Harlot, and I often commission an outfit from one of them when I’m planning on making it to Subversion. Nothing gets me amped for a night out like a new outfit, after all? Both designers offer bespoke latex clothing which is the best way to do latex, especially if you have an exceptional figure like me (tiny waist and massive tits). For anyone going to Subversion, it is an excellent venue to showcase your latex–although all fetish attire is welcome.

As for Sunday, I don’t know that I’ll have anything left. But if I do, I’ll put in an appearance on the Kinky Bus Tour of London! A glass of champagne and a photo tour is a great way to cap such a decadent weekend.




Have you been to Club Pedestal in London? Every time I go with a group of friends, I have a blast. Dommes and switch females: I highly recommend getting dressed in your sexiest and making a night of it. If you’ve not been before, you’ll find yourself surrounded by eager males in various states of undress. Just like in vanilla clubs, the losers will swarm around you and try to buy you drinks. Unlike vanilla clubs, you can viciously denigrate them in front of others until they leave you alone. Well, I suppose that depends on the vanilla club. Some of my favorite moments at Pedestal have been non-consensually humiliating a disgusting specimen who insisted on trying to get my attention. If he’s going to cross my personal boundaries at a party, I am going to cross his! Other fun elements include free foot massages all night long, the trampling cage, a good selection of BDSM equipment, and always at least a few single hot guys who are coming to “check it out” for the first time–i.e. perfect prey for sexually empowered women like you and me.

I will be at this month’s Pedestal with a group of friends and welcome any fellow females who wishes to say hello! Men, you can try your luck, but you had better come correct if you want to get more than a stern rebuff from Miss Darcy. Gifts, flowers, and adulation are all appropriate.



I’ll be spending a week in Liverpool and conducting sessions both there and in Manchester from June 9-13 and 15-17.  It’s been awhile since I paid attention to my Northern lads and lasses, and I can’t wait to reconnect with some old faces. I’ll have access to dungeon space in both cities. My specialty sessions on offer will be cuckolding and toilet training, including my infamous All Day Toilet experience. If you’d like to book, send me a polite and concise email outlining available dates, times, and interests; I’ll need advance notice and a deposit.

My London trip will, as ALWAYS, be a total whirlwind. I’m attending the Hogspy Live party June 13th, then catching up with friends and slaves the rest of the week (when I’m not up North). June 20th is a double-header with both the Camden Crunch and Club Decadence. If I survive the night, I’ll be sessioning the evening of the 21st and during the day on the 22nd. I also have some time during the day on the 19th and 20th for a few appointments. Options for sessions include the standard array of D/s, BDSM and slave training activities. Although I accommodate BDSM sessions, I am a D/s specialist;  I highly recommend reading some of my other recent blog entries in order to prepare adequately for our meeting. If you don’t know the subtle but crucial distinction between BDSM and D/s please do not ask me until you have spent at least three hours on the internet trying to figure it out for yourself.

Finally, I’ll be taking some time in Sussex for a private fetish event with friends. You can’t go wrong with a kinky mansion. Unfortunately I’m not available for sessions while I’m down there. Work hard, play hard. Or in my case: play hard, play hard.


I am thrilled to be participating in a brand new, star-studded, international fetish event: Hogspy Live. My global fan base made me eligible to be one of the featured Dommes for the evening, which means any guest who attends has the privilege of suffering at my hands, as long as I deem you worthy and you don’t mind waiting your turn. It promises to be a very intimate night with a tight guest list and tons of space for playtime and torture at the hands of some top professionals in the Femdom industry.

I can guarantee I will be in very sadistic form that night. If you’ve never had the privilege of sessioning with me–prepare thyself. The public component is highly arousing for me: anything I would do to you in private becomes twice as erotic to me in public. And, strangely, I find myself being far harsher and more diabolical when I have an audience. As it is a private event, I am able to flaunt my cruel impulses with no fear of being booted from the club. All the things I refrain from at the tamer kink events will be fair game here: heavy medical, toiletry, gruesome pain play and corporal punishment, public shaming, fluids, brutal ballbusting, etc.

The event is at the infamous Murder Mile and runs from 9:00pm until 3:30am. There are a limited number of tickets available so any of you fans and slaves who are keen on attending should get your tickets now. Also in attendance will be almost two dozen internationally-acclaimed ProDommes. They haven’t released all the names yet, but after speaking to the owners of Hogspy I can guarantee it is a very good list.

Hogspy Live is going to be high fetish protocol from what I understand, so make sure you have something suitably sexy to wear. I’ve just had a new outfit commissioned from House of Harlot for the evening and will be unveiling the design that night. Half of the fun of fetish events for me is dressing up in clothes I can’t wear to normal parties, so hopefully those of you who are going will make some effort!

Follow the link here for your tickets. And be sure to email me if you decide to go. I am even extending a special offer: anyone who brings me a gift gets to spend time with me in the room/activity of their choosing! Otherwise requests will most likely not be honored, and it will be Lady’s choice as far as activities are concerned.

See you in the dungeon!

I am celebrating one of my all-time favorite holidays in London this year. My plans may take me to Club Antichrist on Friday November 1st (pre-party) and Torture Garden on Friday and Saturday the 1st and 2nd (party-party). My closest and kinkiest friends will be joining me, and as some of you know I am at my best when on UK soil.

But of course, I spend so much time commissioning outfits yearound (my birthday outfit is going to be devastating), that I have completely neglected a Halloween costume. Thus I am launching a little contest. Anyone interested in purchasing my Halloween outfit for one of my parties may accompany me to that same party for a few hours as my personal slave. You will get playtime with the one and only ME in front of the entire club, in the fabulous outfit you have purchased for me. Here are a few ideas for outfit choices. You can tell I have leather and lace on my mind.







As you can see, I am leaning towards either a black widow leather assassin, or classic boudoir bridal-comfortable. What can I say, I’m a walking contradiction! Both equally exciting and equally erotic. Email asap to submit yourself for the contest. Open to any age, build, or gender as long as you are well-behaved.


My friends Goddess Cleo and Kitty Bliss started putting together their own private Domina Parties in London a few years ago and have had such enormous success that the parties are now a staple of the London ProDomme scene. Ideal for beginners, exhibitionists, and slaves who want an extended session but don’t have the budget for it, these parties usually take place in London in a domestic environment (sometimes a dungeon) and have at minimum three Mistresses and sometimes as many as five or six. The slave attendance is kept low to ensure that all guests get adequate attention–with only about six to twelve submissives in the room you are bound to be picked on! All the Mistresses involved have a very “good vibe” and create a friendly, positive, and professional playspace, but because each Mistress is also intelligent, cruel, and mischievous you are guaranteed to have your boundaries pushed *just enough*.

I’m very excited to attend my first of one of these parties on October 9. Kitty and Cleo have organized a very special evening at the Hoxton Dungeon featuring myself, Kitty, Cleo and Mistress Absolute (the event caps off the events at the London Fetish Weekend, also organized by Mistress Absolute). Arrival is at 7pm, food and drinks will be provided, and with a VIP guest list of only eight slaves it will be a two-to-one ratio of slave to Mistress. I like those odds! As of this writing there are only three slots left so you should make arrangements ASAP to be a part of things. The ticket price is £300 including a deposit of £100 upfront, and there are only two rules: be respectful and have fun!

The evening doesn’t have a particular theme, but if you are unfamiliar with the four of us A) you had better fix that B) I will list our top interests and you can fill in the rest with your imagination. Mistress Absolute is a lifelong dominant and alpha female who is world renowned for her intelligence; confident, commanding presence; and mastery of all things D/s. Cleo is an award-winning equestrienne and gracefully jaunts between the sensual and the sadistic. Kitty enjoys a wide range of Femdom activities and despite her angelic appearance is a strict disciplinarian. And then there’s me. Quite simply: I want to f*** you up. Mentally, emotionally, sexually. My inner bully comes out when there’s a crowd, so I have a feeling whoever has the misfortune of walking through the door at the beginning of the evening will face one of the most devastating tears of public humiliation they’ve ever imagined. There may also be a few guest Mistresses popping in for a few minutes to assess the slaves who are present. This sort of thing is not guaranteed, nor am I allowed to give clues as to who they might be, but I know it does happen on a regular basis. In addition all four of us enjoy foot worship and trampling, so you can be sure you will be giving foot massages at some point in the evening.

Email me asap to inquire about attendance at The event begins at 6:30pm in East Central London (Hoxton) and will go until about 10pm. There are currently only three places left for party guests at £300 each and one service position available for a reduced rate of £150. Looking forward to beating you. I mean, meeting you.