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Hey slaves! Great news. I’m back in New York for the fall starting September 5. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you who have missed me so much since I’ve been away.

I’ll be back in my private studio doing sessions with a special emphasis on intense, extreme activities (e.g. forced toilet training, edge play, psychological takeover, no safeword singletail) and group scenes. If you are ready for a truly extraordinary experience of submission, contact me at my booking form.

For all you newbies…don’t worry. We can go light the first few sessions. I guarantee you’ll be begging to do more than you ever imagined possible by the third time we meet.

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I have an opening for a new domestic slave in New York City, all genders welcome. Titles I will consider:

  • Maid
  • Secretary
  • Errand Boy
  • Girl/Boy Friday
  • Lackey

This particular position will involve working closely with me in both my home and my studio, as well as a certain requisite amount of public interaction (going to the store, coming with me on errands, running errands yourself, etc). You will need to budget approximately 8-10 hours per week for the duration of your service. Please apply here and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. If it is not incredibly clear already: this is not a paid position. Nor are you asked to pay. This is personal slavery: a way to better my life in very specific and tangible ways.

I am always seeking out new team members for the stable of slaves that collectively make up Team Darcy. I require New York City slaves for numerous tasks on a daily basis and an assortment of remote/long distance slaves to handle my administrative work. I could not do what I do without my team. Regardless of your location or position, in order to apply you must be a dedicated, service-oriented submissive focused on making my life easier in any way that you can.


My favorite little girl, Sub Lily, is back in town soon and we are offering up one hell of a double session. She subs to me, maybe you, or side by side with you, and I get to have my wicked way with the both of you. Lily loves spanking, bondage, humiliation, and D/s of all kinds, which is why we get along so well. That and she is, quite literally, only just legally able to participate in this sort of thing. Don’t worry, I didn’t corrupt her. She was already corrupted when we met!


If you’re interested in seeing me or her, please fill out my online booking form asap. I’m not taking bookings until July 22, but I will be pretty slammed after that. Be sure and inquire in advance! She and I have incredible chemistry together, and frankly my sessions with her have been some of my favorite all year. Just note that she, and I for that matter, do not allow sexual services other than the standard BDSM offerings in professional domination sessions. Bring your most (devious) gentlemanly attitude and I’m sure we will have an unforgettable time.



Part 2 of 2. More considerations for taking a submissive into your hands.


Physical Safety vs. Psychological Safety

By and large the most painful wounds in BDSM are psychological. Body wounds can heal fairly quickly (aside from lacerations and broken bones), and most physical BDSM activities will not leave a permanent scar when done with any sort of knowledge or skill. However, the scars from a psychological mishap or emotional misunderstanding can last years. And years. It’s not only painful for a sub – the guilt a conscientious Dom/me feels after compromising the safety of a scene is, in itself, an excruciating punishment for that person.

Before you engage in any edge play, psychological play, or emotional manipulation in a D/s capacity, you should be very familiar with the likely risks and outcomes for that particular partner with those particular activities. Read my blogs on Psychological Edge Play, Part 1 and Part 2. If you know that someone has a history of psychological instability, it’s not a good idea to play with them intensely at first, or possibly even at all. There are times when a sub will present themselves as stable or “game” for what you offer in a scene, but if your sub does not have a steady constitution at the time, you may inadvertently trigger issues that can be damaging for both of you. You also need to be able to also read a sub’s face and body to quickly detect signs of trouble, since things can go from “great” to “red alert” in three seconds or less.

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If your submissive expresses hurt before, during or after a scene that you sense to be a kind of “meta” hurt, i.e. not something you intended to create but relating to your abilities or intentions as a dominant in general, you must adopt radical maturity and do your best to alleviate their pain. Do not take a person’s emotional landscape lightly, but at the same time try to piece apart what is factual from what is emotional. Sometimes a sub can project past pain onto a Dom/me, which can be very confusing for both parties. Although it is very complicated at times, both Dom/me and sub must both do the best they can to decipher what is the Dom/me’s intention and responsibility in the scene, and what baggage or damage were created by someone else before the scene ever began. Mutual respect and giving the other party the benefit of the doubt is important, and in the absence of a sound resolution you can sometimes rely on prior reputation or history in order to ascertain that person’s views and reactions.
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THEY HAPPEN. You will fuck up. You will misjudge. You will drop, break, and lose things over the years, including relationships. That’s the nature of BDSM – where there is risk, there is reward. We didn’t get into the scene for predictability. Remember your first romantic relationship, back in middle school or high school (or elementary school if you’re me)? Did you make mistakes then? You were learning about love, and this is learning about BDSM – just as dangerous, if not more so. The key difference being that we are adults now, and should, in general, be better suited to avoiding failure than we were as children and teenagers.

Secretary Ds

Still, it’s important to keep a sense of levity and grace about your own mistakes, which will in turn help you forgive the mistakes of others. Your subs will fuck up, and you need to be able to both provide structure to correct them and forgiveness when they apologize. They will, in turn, forgive you, provided they are not too traumatized by whatever it is you’ve done!

It IS the job of a dominant to ensure that he or she makes as few mistakes as possible, however, and to understand the stakes of their failures when and if they happen. There are many activities within BDSM that can kill someone, or at the very least send him or her to the hospital. A great, highly technical or risky scene can feel like this sometimes, but it’s worth it to feel like this at the end.



Good Dom/mes can do bad things. It doesn’t make them bad. The real dangers, i.e. “bad Dom/mes,” are those who are consistently incompetent, unaware of their own power, inconsiderate of others’ limitations, or interested in nonconsent with submissives that have not agreed to a nonconsensual dynamic. All of the above are considered reckless. Reckless Dom/mes will, eventually, face consequences, as they cannot operate continuously in the structure of any local “scene” and not eventually develop a reputation as such. Dom/mes need submissives to exist, otherwise they are just fantasists; most Dominants will eventually find themselves in need of a new play partner, and this will put them back in the scene and searching for a new, willing sub.

Even if a Dom/me becomes well known as being reckless, it does not mean he or she is a bad person. Still, you should always do your homework before playing with a new Dom/me. Does he or she have references? Do your friends know him or her well? Can you ask some basic questions (as equals) to assess BDSM skill level, compassion, listening and intelligence? Do they provide aftercare, if you need it?

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A dominant should go into a scene knowing pretty accurately how anything they are even considering doing to you will affect you physically and psychologically. Again – mistakes happen, and it’s not always easy to be accurate about projected outcomes, but at least if your Dom/me has thought about the effects of the activities on you, you know they care about your wellbeing. There is a huge difference between someone who misjudges a scene, and someone who does not care what a scene does to the submissive emotionally or physically. It is your job as a submissive to assess what kind of person your prospective dominant is, decide whether it is healthy for you to play with them, and, if you do, be as transparent as possible before, during and after the scene about your experience and limitations. Otherwise the recklessness is yours.

In Summary

Playing in the BDSM scene is as complex and potentially dangerous as playing with a weapon, so you should do your utmost to understand the risks before you dive in. That being said, once you understand the rules and safety mechanisms, you can have more fun then you ever thought possible. Try to be a considerate and conscientious Dom/me, and you will win the affection and loyalty of your submissive(s) wherever you go.

maledom Femsub

I’m thrilled to be offering doubles with this gorgeous woman, Kinky Alex. She’s got all of the BDSM bases covered and loves doing doubles with me when I’m in London. Whether you’re interested in a sub, a kinky fetish that perhaps you can’t find a Domme to satisfy, or even a naughty GFE experience, Alex is game for whatever. Surely you know by now some of my favorite sessions involve a slave girl by my side…

I fell in love with this beauty the moment I laid eyes on her. 5’7″ and in her mid-20’s, and as smart as they come, she’s enough to keep my hands full even without a slave present. Make sure you bring your best self when you inquire though; all requests should be polite and intelligent, as both she and I are extremely selective about who we see. With her travel schedule, I’m not even sure we have much space left while I’m in London. There may still be space on June 27, 28 and 29.

I’ll be seeing slaves with her at a private space in Central London. Please fill out my online booking form and email Alex separately as well to introduce yourself.

Part 1 of 2. A few things to think about, answer, and consider before you take on the great responsibility of playing with a submissive.

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What brought you here?

Is it that you enjoy control during sex? Or taking your partner on a rollercoaster of pleasure and pain and into the misty peaks of orgasm? Is it the debasement of your submissive? Their devotion and trust? Or the high you get from simply being the boss? Try to ascertain your reasons for wanting to be a Dominant. If you know why you want to explore sexual dominance, you will be much more likely to become good at it.

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Domming vs. Topping

There is an essential psychological component to Domming, wherein you adopt a psychological power position greater than your partner for the purposes of the scene and/or relationship. A top, on the other hand, does not want that responsibility, but wishes mostly to frolic in the fields of physical BDSM activities, minus the D/s role of psychological caretaker. One is not better, or even necessarily more intense than the other, but they are different and need to be understood as separate phenomena.

You should know whether your partner identifies as sub or bottom (or slave), and which experience they are looking for with you at any given time. Don’t give them an experience they don’t want or need if you are capable of giving them what they do want or need – that is bad form. And if you yourself identify as one thing (for instance a sub), but are interested in being another thing for a scene (for instance a bottom), you should declare that upfront so that your Dom/me has all the relevant information and can plan accordingly.

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Keeping you and your sub safe is at the bedrock of any BDSM scene. You should know in advance what the logistics and basic safety techniques are for any physical BDSM activities you try, whether it’s in a private class or lesson, on YouTube, in a book, or from a friend. If you were to fire a weapon, you would take it upon yourself to learn how to use it, and in BDSM everything can be used as a weapon. Research anything and everything you can before trying something new, and if possible test the activity on yourself first. Self-testing is the best way to assess the damage it could potentially do, or the pleasure it can potentially bring.

As Jay Wiseman put it in SM 101, it’s much better to walk away from a scene wishing you had gone further and feeling excited for the next time, than to have gone too far and damaged yourself or your partner.

Secretary BDSM

I also highly recommend having a “safety” in place for submissives the first couple of times you play with someone, whether you feel totally comfortable or not. This just means a friend who knows the exact address of where you’ll be who is required to check in with you on the phone a few minutes after you arrive, and again a few minutes before you leave. If they don’t hear from you and can’t get ahold of you, they should be instructed to call the police. Period. It is a helpful courtesy for you to alert your partner of this safety mechanism, to avoid unnecessary law enforcement involvement. You can also use “code words” on the phone if you feel you might be unable to answer normally on the call. If you’re that concerned, though, perhaps reconsider meeting with the person.

I won’t get into the intricacies of everything that can go wrong in a scene, because A) that’s a book in and of itself and B) it would probably depress you and you would be too scared to do anything in the scene for a few months. EMT and/or counselor training comes in handy though, if nothing else for peace of mind.

spanking secretary

Part 2 coming soon…


Special treat for my London boys and girls – I will have a sub girl named Little Lunette available to join me for sessions on this trip and, most likely, all trips moving forward. She’s as gorgeous and as busy as I am, so be sure to book in advance.

Although Lunette’s limits are mostly the same as mine (no sex, oral, fluid exchange etc), she can take a hell of a beating. Alternately, you can watch me punish her and hope you don’t cum in your pants.

Please fill out my online booking form if you’ve not booked with me before. If you have, simply email me and mention you’re interested in a sub girl session with me and this gorgeous little girl. Looking forward to the adventures.

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I’m excited to announce double sessions in New York with an extraordinarily hot young sub named Lily. She is FRESH into the world of professional sessions, and so does not have a website yet. There is no one more innocent than this sweet little thing – just don’t ask me how old she is! You can see hot photos of her here on this blog post; it’s a taste of a shoot we did the other weekend at my studio.

Lily does not offer sexual services, but is happy to bottom for rope, spanking, paddling, caning, and all forms of erotic humiliation. She’s a huge D/s fan and I play with her regularly. If you can’t bring yourself to dominate such a gorgeous young creature you may allow me to put both of you through your paces side by side, seeing who can withstand my cruel whimsy longer.Spanking Femsub.wm

Oh and, she cums like a freight train…

Please fill out my online booking form if you’ve not booked with me before. If you have, simply email me and mention you’re interested in a sub girl session with me and Lily. Looking forward to the adventures.