My good friend Empress Avery and I are teaming up for double sessions this summer. If you think you can bear our beauty side by side, and your tolerance for physical or emotional pain is high, then by all means book a session.

You can learn more about her at Empress Avery’s Website. She is a master at roleplay, emotional sadism, sensual domination, foot and body worship, and mind control. We have a lot in common!

I’ll be in NY July 1-13, LA July 14-August 14, NY Aug 15-18, and LA August 19-31. Try to catch us on one of those trips!

Photo: Ian Reid. Goddesses: Mistress Darcy and Goddess Aviva. Slaves: random white dude and Bob Revolver.

Super Beginner BDSM

If you’re sick of boring dates that end in normal sex and are ready to jettison your dating life into warp speed, take a few hours to spruce up your photo collection and read the below. You’ll be kink-functional in no time. If you’re still vanilla-leaning and want to take it slow, just hint that you’re kink-curious on OKC, Tinder or Bumble (which is great for females who like to swipe but hate being inundated with idiotic messages). If you’re ready for the deep end, then sign up for some of the kinky dating and social networking sites out there like Fetlife and Whiplr.

Take note: there are a few terms you should know before you banter. There’s no shame in being a newbie. (It’s kind of hot, actually.) But these kinky phrases will fast-track your flirting and make sure you don’t look like a vanilla dork.

Just remember the golden rule of consent. If it’s not consensual, it’s not cool! Know the difference, educate yourself, and don’t break your playthings. Above and beyond that, pretty much anything goes. There are too many online dating sites available now for anyone to feel their sexual interests are singular. You name it, someone else is into it. Best of luck to you, and if you want to explore further after reading this article check out my advice for Finding Your BDSM Soulmate.

BDSM – The most politically correct and comprehensive term for kink. B stands for bondage, D stands for discipline, and SM stands for sadism and masochism. There’s an additional acronym within the term: DS means Dominance and submission. BDSM doesn’t have to involve sex or sex acts, though it’s usually erotic in some capacity.

Consent – The permission to receive or administer some form of BDSM activity, be it physical or nonphysical. Consent just means permission. It can be accomplished with something as simple as, “is it okay if I touch you/spank you/hug you/take off your undies?” Let the person give you a verbal “yes” to be 100% safe.

Scene – An erotic BDSM exchange of some sort. It can happen in private or public, with two people or dozens, and does not need to include sex. Scenes can vary greatly in intensity and are the kink equivalent of a hook-up.

Dominant – A person in power in a BDSM context. Also called a Dom or Domme. There’s a necessary psychological control or power hierarchy involved in Domming that extends past physical activities. Sometimes used interchangeably with topping.

Submissive – A person who gives up power in a BDSM context. Also called a sub or slave. Subbing is the flip side of Domming, and there’s a necessary psychological surrender involved. Sometimes used interchangeably with bottoming.

Switch – Someone who likes to both dominate and be dominated. It literally means being able to “switch” between the two roles. You can switch with the same partner, or be a Dom/me with one person and a sub with another. Preferences can depend entirely on whom you’re with and what you’re doing.

Top – A person who enjoys the physical aspects of giving BDSM without engaging in a great deal of psychological control. You can top someone while still viewing them as an “equal” when you’re topping them. Often related to sensual, service domination, or physical sadism without the psychological control.

Bottom – A person who enjoys the physical aspects of receiving BDSM without giving over to the psychological surrender of submission. You can bottom without viewing your top as “superior,” for instance, or be solely a masochist with no psychological surrender.

Bondage – The restraint of your partner’s body in an erotic or aesthetic context. Rope, chains, tape, and leather or latex accessories are common, though any object used in a restrictive manner is technically bondage.

Discipline – The act of controlling a submissive’s behavior with rules imposed by the Dom/me and subsequent rewards and punishments when those rules are obeyed or disobeyed. It can also be a catchall term for impact play, including spanking and corporal punishment. Discipline can refer to either a psychological or physical practice of disciplining someone, or both in one.

Sadism – Deriving stimulation from giving someone physical pain. People who enjoy inflicting emotional wounds or engaging in psychological edge play are sometimes called emotional sadists. (Yes it’s a thing, and when done properly can be very hot.) Most sadists identify as dominant in some capacity.

Masochism – Receiving stimulation from feeling physical pain in an erotic context. Masochists don’t necessarily identify as subs or bottoms—some dominants are masochists as well: it can be a purely physical pleasure.

D/s – Dominance and submission, capitalization for effect. This is a kind of relationship dynamic based on a mutual agreement of power exchange. The act of submitting to another mandates a consensual participation in a hierarchy of power with (temporary) inequality at its core, for the sake of the experience. The greater the difference in power, the “greater the high” for both partners. D/s can involve physical activities, but can also be completely psychological with no physical contact.

Limit/Hard Limit – Anything you or your partner absolutely does not want to do, or an activity that, for whatever reason, you “can’t handle.” By and large, hard limits should be honored 100% and never violated. No explanations need to be given for why something is a limit: It is simply taken as fact. Dom/mes can have hard limits as well as subs.

Safeword – A word (sometimes substituted for a gesture or sound) that indicates a submissive has reached his or her limit. Dominants can safeword as well, though it is much more common for a submissive to require a safeword as they are usually on the receiving end of the activity.

Aftercare – The period after a scene in which both parties recover from the activities in the scene. Typically a submissive will need more aftercare, but a dominant can and should receive attention as needed. Aftercare can last anywhere from a few moments up to a few months, depending on the intensity of the scene.

Unicorn – Any rare combination of erotic circumstances/traits. Traditionally an unattached, attractive female sought out by a kinky couple looking for a third partner. Everyone has their own version of a unicorn based on their interests.


Slaves, this is my LAST trip to Boston before the end of the year. Make sure you get on my calendar now, before the madness of the holiday season sets in and you can’t see me until spring!

I’ll be doing double sessions with two of my favorite Superiors: Goddess Aviva and Vivian Darkbloom. There are a few forced bi scenes in the works as well, for any submissive male brave enough to face down an army of dicks for me!

In my suitcases: leather bondage, hoods, electro-torture, clamps, gags, panties and petticoats, canes, floggers, bullwhips, plus my own collection of latex dresses, leather pants, silk stockings, boots and high heels.

Visit my booking page now to get a place on my calendar. I’m sure I will be fully booked by the time I arrive, and merely taking standby.


I’m so happy to know such amazing women in this industry. Aleta Cai is one of those women. She and I are doing doubles in August and September for anyone who is ready for a few hours of total sensory overload. Aleta has a background in psychology, so she really knows how to destroy your mind while she’s destroying your body at the same time.


Just the other day the two of us did an amazing medical scene with some needles. Aleta seems to have a bevy of hidden talents. Her favorite things include mental D/s, humiliation, slut training and predicaments. All of our sessions will be either outcall or incall at my studio in Brooklyn.


Fill out my online booking form to inquire about availability and rates, or you may email her directly at

Aleta img_1555-1






My favorite little girl, Sub Lily, is back in town soon and we are offering up one hell of a double session. She subs to me, maybe you, or side by side with you, and I get to have my wicked way with the both of you. Lily loves spanking, bondage, humiliation, and D/s of all kinds, which is why we get along so well. That and she is, quite literally, only just legally able to participate in this sort of thing. Don’t worry, I didn’t corrupt her. She was already corrupted when we met!


If you’re interested in seeing me or her, please fill out my online booking form asap. I’m not taking bookings until July 22, but I will be pretty slammed after that. Be sure and inquire in advance! She and I have incredible chemistry together, and frankly my sessions with her have been some of my favorite all year. Just note that she, and I for that matter, do not allow sexual services other than the standard BDSM offerings in professional domination sessions. Bring your most (devious) gentlemanly attitude and I’m sure we will have an unforgettable time.




I’m thrilled to be offering doubles with this gorgeous woman, Kinky Alex. She’s got all of the BDSM bases covered and loves doing doubles with me when I’m in London. Whether you’re interested in a sub, a kinky fetish that perhaps you can’t find a Domme to satisfy, or even a naughty GFE experience, Alex is game for whatever. Surely you know by now some of my favorite sessions involve a slave girl by my side…

I fell in love with this beauty the moment I laid eyes on her. 5’7″ and in her mid-20’s, and as smart as they come, she’s enough to keep my hands full even without a slave present. Make sure you bring your best self when you inquire though; all requests should be polite and intelligent, as both she and I are extremely selective about who we see. With her travel schedule, I’m not even sure we have much space left while I’m in London. There may still be space on June 27, 28 and 29.

I’ll be seeing slaves with her at a private space in Central London. Please fill out my online booking form and email Alex separately as well to introduce yourself.


I don’t want you going stir-crazy while I’m away from New York this holiday, especially given that it’s such a stressful time of year. If you’re pining to see me in New York from Dec 22-Jan 5 I highly recommend my friend Goddess Aviva in my stead. I’m fielding all requests to her until I return. She’s one of the best foot domination Mistresses I know in the industry, in addition to being very sadistic and hopelessly beautiful.

Goddess Aviva’s Website

Phone is the best way to reach her, so please use that when contacting her. The number is 347 741 8550


My friend, New York-famous disciplinarian Alice Morningstar, will be offering double sessions with me for the rest of summer and fall. She invited me out for a coffee the other day, and we got to talking about the various degrees of disobedience we were forced to contest with recently from our submissives. It occurred to us that we would be twice as effective with half the effort if we were to combine our domination skills. You could call it the perfect storm; Miss Morningstar is an expert at both identifying incorrect behavior and administering appropriate corporal punishment; and I can see inside you, to where your ego chafes at submission, and calibrate my verbal and psychological tactics until you’re broken and begging for mercy.

Her weapons of choice: palm, paddle, cane, crop, corner time, hairbrush.

Mine: voice, body, roleplay, eye contact control, behavior modification, mind fucking.

While Miss Morningstar is unrelenting in her discipline, she is one of the smartest young women I know. She’s also a classic beauty; quite simply, they don’t make them like her anymore. As creative as I am, you won’t be able to talk your way out of our corrections. You may feel as though you’re in the fantasy narrative of a film noir thriller, with the two femme fatales circling you like hungry wolves. Regardless of your infractions, you will leave a better man.

If you’re ready to face the ultimate, cruel coupling of dominant women, you may inquire about a double on my Booking Form. I will be seeing slaves with Miss Morningstar at my private session studio in Brooklyn. There is a screening and deposit process for all new applicants, so please fill out the reference section accordingly (or else be willing to do a paid consultation).

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 7.38.59 AM

The stunning femme fatale Lydia Supremacy is going to be gracing New York with her powerful presence this weekend. Normally she is training slaves in Philadelphia, but during her trip she and I are offering doubles at my studio in Brooklyn on Friday and Saturday. Anyone who wants to truly suffer at the hands of the East Coasts’s finest, fittest, most hypnotic lifestyle Dommes needs to visit us. One on one, each of us can be a brutal sadist, but together we inevitably push you to the limits of your submission.

Her mesmerizing beauty helps you sink deep into your sub-space (it’s one of the main reasons I love being seen in public with her), and by the end of the session you’ll look back and marvel at how much she was able to push you. Meanwhile, I can gently coax you with delicious words and manipulations, helping you down the siren path until you feel you’ve lost yourself completely in our feminine spell.

Sound like fun? Please fill out my online booking form to inquire.

Femdom Alpha Confidence

I sat down to lunch recently with the brilliant blonde, Mistress Troy, and over the course of two hours and several of the finest light courses at The Standard, we covered just about everything I had been wanting to talk to her about. It’s always refreshing to spend time with another respected Femdom professional. There’s only a few colleagues I feel comfortable enough with to talk shop, trade stories, ask advice, and crack jokes (how many slaves does it take to screw in a lightbulb? one to do it and six more to redo it properly), and Mistress Troy is definitely one of them. Out of all the ProDommes in New York City Troy is one of the women who has been practicing the longest, and her reputation is top-drawer. I was reminded of why her clients love her when we met: she is kind, intelligent, well-spoken, confident, and very down to Earth.

At first glance, humility, kindness and authenticity might seem like weakness, but in fact they are quite the opposite. It takes supreme confidence to be authentic and not feel the need to “play the part” of a dominant female. The woman who can let her natural beauty and power simply radiate without forcing it out into her environment is far more magnetic than the woman who feels the need to “show it.” I’m acquainted with many of the more renowned Mistresses in the industry, and the ones who have the best reputations, generally speaking, also happen to be superb human beings. It takes a lot of energy to run a thriving business and maintain your health, appearance and wardrobe, and the Dommes who do all those things successfully usually don’t have time or inclination to disparage the competition.

Nor do they need to! Mistress Troy and I have quite a few things in common (I like to think), not least of which is the fact that we are both fielding a constant stream of session requests. I try not to interfere in the business or reputations of any of my Femdom colleagues because it’s important to support women in business, not to mention women in general. It’s also helpful that my area of expertise as a young psychological dominant and intelligent, lifestyle D/s practitioner minimizes my competition. Granted, my steady income goes a long way towards helping me feel confident, but at the same time I have built my steady income as a direct result of my confidence. It’s a chicken and egg dichotomy in some ways, but at any time we can choose to embrace our good qualities, take a deep breath, and put our kindest, most authentic foot forward.

Try it next time you’re in the company of greatness. I guarantee you’ll come off as more confident–not less.