Forced Bi – The consensual surrender of your will during a BDSM scene or dynamic in which a Dom/me “forces” you to engage in a homosexual experience of some sort. Illegal in New York if money changes hands. Fortunately, I have a lot of filthy friends.

I am doing a roundup of all my cock-sucking submissives in New York City right now. If you’re a slave and you think you’re up for the task, apply now to expose your deepest secrets under my guidance. Use my booking form and make sure you bring your best, most obedient self. Flakes and timewasters will be blocked and never hear from me again.


Pictured: Pietro Boselli. Aka “world’s hottest math teacher.” Looking for sexy geniuses like him to add to Team Darcy.

Slaves! I require the tireless efforts of one brilliant, internet-savvy, loyal and resourceful Social Media Nerd to aid me in some of my marketing and publicity. If you have experience in social media, marketing, general internet research or design of any sort, please visit my personal slavery application page and fill out an application form now.

I’m afraid I need to say this upfront, because not all of you are as bright as you like to think: this is not a paid position. Nor will you be paying me. This is personal slavery, lifestyle BDSM consensual service. There are more details on the application page about the kinds of tasks a personal slave can generally expect, but if you’re brand new to the world of BDSM then please do a bit of research before you complete the form.

For this position you must be trustworthy, creative, and able to work closely with my social media team and me on my social media content, including but not limited to Twitter posts, Instagram posts, and my own personal website. You should be loyal, hard-working, unselfish, and able to talk to me every week either on the phone or on instant messenger.

Age: 21 – 60

Gender: No preference. Can identify as male, female or transgendered.

Time Commitment: 6 – 10 hours per week. On certain occasions, able and willing to work long, continuous hours if so asked.

Communication: Available to talk directly with Mistress Darcy via Skype, IM or in person, as well as other social media team members on IM.

Personality: Intelligent, articulate, and an eye for detail. Able to work seamlessly with others in service of me. Humble and open to correction, with the ability to take on board feedback immediately. Have the ability to work with the big picture in mind.

Work Flow: Able to work quickly and efficiently, in the face of immediate, non-negotiable deadlines, and consistently able to turn in the work in a time frame of 4 days on less.

Location: Anywhere in the world with a good and stable Internet connection.

Required skills:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Marketing
  • Photo resizing
  • Comprehensive web search
  • Sourcing, chronicling and indexing data immediately in an organized manner
  • Interaction skills

The payment for this job is the ability to make me happy, and to be a valued member of Team Darcy which is a warm, accepting, intelligent group of kinksters all around the world. The bottom line is, this is not for your pleasure, but mine. If serving me does not make you happy, do not bother.

Interested slaves can APPLY HERE. A team member will get in touch with you for further instructions. You may not hear back from me personally for several days, weeks, or months, so please be patient and follow up on Twitter if you are dying to know your status. Do not forget to be polite and concise. Best of luck.

Cuckolding Mistress

I crashed a recent fashion shoot Robert was doing and convinced him to take some pics with me.

As some of you may already know, I tear through male models faster than a lion in a gazelle convention. This month is no different; I’ve been incredibly stressed out which means I need some extra hands on deck (read: my vagina) when I’m trying to cut loose.

Cuckolds, meet Robert. Robert is six foot four. He could probably benchpress you.


I’m doing cuckolding sessions with Robert for the rest of January and, I’m guessing, February as well. Fill out my online booking form to inquire. He’s got a great, um, set of assets and is eager to explore more of the kink scene with desperate, lonely cucks like yourself.

Cuckolding Session

Goofing around behind the scenes at another shoot. Pic by 2G Photography.

So far, our chemistry is unprecedented (I’ve never had anyone pick me up and fuck me *in the air*), and if you’ve always wanted to try cuckolding this is a fairytale opportunity. I’m one of the top cuckolding Dommes in the business because I really, deeply understand it and, just as important, I love it.

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as feeling your environment in deep agreement with who you really are at your core. I see through you; there’s no fooling me. Now get on your knees and kiss the ground we walk on. Time for you to meet a real man.

Femdom CFNM

Mangano CFNM Ad

Male models get a lot of flak. Thanks to Zoolander, they’ve furthered their reputation in the mainstream as vain, ridiculous, and occasionally stupid. In my experience none of these things are necessarily true. Yes, there are male models who have those hideous traits, just as there are individuals all around the world who fall short of their basic duty as humans. The male models I have met have mostly been intelligent, savvy, ambitious, hard working, and very sweet.

Foot Fetish

Tom Ford Foot Fetish Ad

These photos are from some of my favorite kinky ads featuring gorgeous male models. Women’s bodies are objectified often in fashion, and it’s a nice change of pace to see men in the spotlight as either sex object or sex toy.

Human Pony

Tom Ford Human Pony Ad

I’m okay with mainstream fashion, music and film appropriating fetish and BDSM culture as long as it includes an accurate and respectful depiction of our world. It is largely the popularization of kink in the “glamorous” pop market that has made it a talking point for the vanilla masses. All in all, it’s a good thing: more awareness means more acceptance. And they won’t touch most of the truly taboo activities anyway, so there is still plenty of playground left for us freaks.

Femdom BDSM

Steven Klein Femdom Ad

My favorite male model right now is Rene Grincourt. You can tell he works really hard on his body, and he has a sweet and, I like to think, kindhearted expression in every photo. Rene, if you’re reading: let’s get lattes.

Stud Femdom

In honor of this sacred holiday (I really do love it) I am opening up my inbox for a Valentine’s Day contest for New York’s most eligible men. If you meet my physical specifications you can apply, and the winner gets to take me to dessert on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Age: Under 40

Height: 5’11 or taller

Build: Athletic or slim

Also must have above average intelligence and a stellar sense of humor.

Please email me with several vanilla photos and a suitable overture to I won’t have time to answer everyone, though I will read everything; if you don’t receive a reply thank you in advance for submitting.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. After weeding through the various cock shots, quasi-attractive creepies, and actually eligible gentlemen I chose a wonderfully cultured 35 year old man for tonight’s activities. He’s an art gallery owner on the UES and…naturally…he’s English. In case you’re interested here’s the criteria I used in the selection process:

-Actually Live in NYC!!
-Under 35
-Healthy/not fat
-8 or better
-Have a job
-Have a degree
-Have a personality (as in, a fantastic one)
-Sense of humor*


*if you don’t think at least laugh inside your head at the above graphic, we probably won’t get along…