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I was just interviewed for a special Valentine’s Day feature in the New York Observer which has the good taste to consider me one of New York’s most eligible singles. I loved sitting down with Editor David Wallis and talking about my favorite subject: love.

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Mac Fetish

The infamous Slutever just sent me an interview we did ages ago for Mac Cosmetics’ Magazine. I love her body of work as a journalist – she’s one of the great, iconic voices of progressive sexuality in the US right now. We’ve done a few interviews over the years, and they are inevitably insightful, provocative, fun and, on occasion, truly hilarious. Thanks gorgeous, for another great piece!

Karley Sciortino: Many people think the role of a dominatrix is simply to dominate and abuse people. They don’t realize that often sessions are catered to a client’s specific desires. Would you say your job is to execute you clients’ fantasies’ in a believable or pleasurable way?

Mistress Dee: That’s part of it. There are different kinds of dommes, just like there are different types of lawyers or chefs or anything else in the world. Some dommes feel that the service they provide is to execute people’s fantasies verbatim. Personally, I start by saying, “give me your full list of interests” – this is where their fantasies come into play – as well as a list of their hard limits. This gives me an idea of their mental landscape. So in the session, I don’t only address what they want, but also what they might not even know they want – this gives me the power. But I always have to address enough of the client’s interests that he or she continues to want to play the game – because it is a type of game; it’s removed from reality, which is what makes it BDSM, rather than actual physical or psychological abuse. I can’t completely tell the client to just do whatever I want, because then he’ll never come back to session with me again, and ultimately one of my fantasies is to make a lot of money, so I need clients.

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FinDom Dominatrix Financial Domination

If you didn’t catch it already, the New York Observer did a front page story on Wednesday about financial domination. I thought the article was intelligent, respectful, and had a lot of very insightful angles to the discussion, especially for a mainstream, vanilla publication. I’m not crazy about the cover, but I suppose they had to at least make an attempt to sell papers. The photos inside though, well…I have to say that mystery woman is quite alluring!

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