Newsflash: most independent Dommes at the top of their game do NOT have time to waste and CANNOT risk a no-show appointment. We don’t sit around waiting for the phone to ring (well, I don’t anyway, in fact it rings so damn much I keep it on silent most of the time) which creates the need for deposits. Between session, photoshoots, filming, personal slaves, events, and a little thing called real life we are all usually busy if not downright mental with things to do every single day. I usually book up 3-7 days in advance, and I’m talking the day-of I will not have even a spare hour free. There are some instances where I deem it unnecessary to take a deposit, but that is my call not yours. And if privacy is your issue…I accept both cash drop-off the day before the session or online deposits: I understand discretion.┬áIf you are not willing to provide a small token in advance of your first session with me, please see the discussion below for a possible change in your outlook.

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Hello. My requests are not unreasonable.

-Most respectable independent Dommes require either a deposit or a reference or both.
-I am *very* well reviewed online. On my website, on various google searches, on maxfisch, on the erotic review. You essentially are able to find out almost everything about me as a Dominant Female at the click of a button, and I am able to find out NOTHING about you. I have something to lose from lying, i.e. my reputation. You have very little to lose by lying.
-Perhaps the service providers you are referring to are of a lower caliber. If you are not comfortable doing what is *professionally neccessary* to see a Domme of my status you should not be contacting me. Your accusation of mistrust shows me that you are not familiar with how top Dominants conduct themselves.
-Your poor grammar and spelling leads me to believe you are far from “real” yourself.

In summary: I’m glad you realized we are incompatible. Thank you in advance for not emailing me again.

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Maam – That is a lot of upfront asks. I am very real akd looking foe something longer term. There are way too may service providers in the city and I have heard of people getting burned when the send a deposit.

I do not think we will be compatible as if we go the route of asks I will need to see a picture of your flats (as providers do sometimes lie) and would need two client references.

Mistrust creates mistrust and that is not a good way to start. If something changes on your end let me know. Your ad was appealing but your reply was a complete non-starter. Thanks

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> It is possible on Monday yes. If you would like to confirm the session I will need a nonefundable deposit upfront. I will also need a reference from another independent you’ve seen in the past.
> Darcy
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> Ma’am – Hope all is well. Curious if you were available at all this weekend for a session. An ideal session would be one where you wear normal clothing with casual ballet flats (like a lot of women wear this days i.e. round or pointy toed) with / without nylons and either used my face and body like a floormat while you ignored me and went about your business or while you humiliated me.
> Would this be possible Ma’am?