I prefer this to a handshake. Photo Stephen Perry

I’m coming back to Boston, girls and boys. Gather your pennies – this is one kink event you don’t want to miss!

After an entire summer away from the East Coast, I’m ready to raise some hell. I’ll be in the mood for extreme corporal: vicious whipping, relentless paddling, brutal caning. If you can’t handle physical pain then I’ll target your mind. Have you read my blog entry on Rejection Roleplay? It’s an instant classic. I LOVE the art of the mindfuck, and I can’t wait to gleefully launch myself into your deepest longings and fears like a bouncy castle at a birthday party.

All you toilets take note – there is forced training coming your way. If you’re ready to take your servitude to the next level, this is your chance.

My sessions will be either at my hotel in Back Bay, or at a friend’s dungeon. Please specify which you require when you fill out my booking form. I will be totally booked by the time I arrive, so ensure that you make your booking inquiry early this time.



So incredibly excited to be coming back to Boston for a few days. I’ve missed you! I’ll be packing enough equipment to do some serious damage when I arrive. Make sure you get all your bad behavior out of the way now, because when I get there you’ll be getting slapped into shape. If you can handle it, you get to massage me when it’s over.

I’m in the mood for spanking, paddling, singletail, humiliation, verbal degradation, forced bi, toilet training, public scenes, CBT to make your head spin, and caning, caning, caning.

Come kiss my boots in person and beg for mercy. Just kidding, I don’t use safewords.


Slaves, this is my LAST trip to Boston before the end of the year. Make sure you get on my calendar now, before the madness of the holiday season sets in and you can’t see me until spring!

I’ll be doing double sessions with two of my favorite Superiors: Goddess Aviva and Vivian Darkbloom. There are a few forced bi scenes in the works as well, for any submissive male brave enough to face down an army of dicks for me!

In my suitcases: leather bondage, hoods, electro-torture, clamps, gags, panties and petticoats, canes, floggers, bullwhips, plus my own collection of latex dresses, leather pants, silk stockings, boots and high heels.

Visit my booking page now to get a place on my calendar. I’m sure I will be fully booked by the time I arrive, and merely taking standby.


The rumors are true: I’m back in Boston Sep 14-16. Book now to make sure I have time to see you! I’ll be packing for whipping, spanking, bondage, choking, gagging, feminization, dick sucking, humiliation, toilet training, and public scenes. If you think you’re brave enough, you should get in now while I’m still making the rounds to Boston this year!



When was the last time you did something really deeply, indulgently pleasurable for yourself? Family vacations don’t count. I’m in Boston for a few days August 7-9, and you deserve a treat.

Why don’t you spend a few hours with me in my huge hotel room? Chances are you could use the REAL vacation, from the rest of the world. 50 strokes of the cane will help you drift off far, far away, I promise. Kissing my stocking-wrapped legs will push you another 100 miles. Closing your eyes behind my snug leather sleep sack will give you the final nudge into the oblivion.

Haven’t you earned this?

Darcy Naked.wm.72

Enjoying a hotel bath on one of my many journeys around the world.

I’m back in my beloved Boston June 12-14, staying in Back Bay and excited to whip you all into shape…literally. If you’re ready for a truly special BDSM experience, book your appointment asap. Unless I’ve seen you in Boston recently, in which case….are you recovered? I hope so. I want to turn your mind upside down all over again.

Boston Dominatrix


Overjoyed to announce I’ll be making monthly trips to Boston for the next six months as part of my world tour. I want to make sure to give you Boston boys and girls your fill before I close my doors to new clients in the fall.

Please fill out my online booking form to get on my radar.

I’ll be offering bondage, humiliation, cuckolding, forced bi, toilet training, deep psychological domination and D/s edge play, public scenes, corporal (canes, crops, floggers, whips), roleplay, and as much slave training and degradation as you can handle.

As always, staying in Central Boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill or the Financial District. I require deposits on all sessions.

Humiliation Femdom

I’m headed back to one of my favorite cities – Boston! I miss you all so much and can’t wait to be with you again soon.

BOSTON: March 13-15, Back Bay

It’s been far too long. I know, and I’m sorry. New York has been incredibly busy and I haven’t made the time to come pay you a proper visit since before Christmas! Don’t worry – I’ll make sure all of my regulars get an audience with me. Just book in advance, since I’m always fully scheduled by the time I arrive.

Humiliation junkies listen up: I’m doing cuckolding, forced bi and tons of toilet training on this trip. Make sure to make time on this trip if you need to feed your addiction. I’ve got a nine-inch friend who’s long overdue with me.

My accommodations will be a hotel suite in Back Bay. If I haven’t seen you before I’ll need either a deposit or a reference or both.

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Most of you devoted fans have already heard my travel plans for the spring–pretty intense, as I try to make the best of some air miles. If you’re in any of the towns I’ll be visiting on my circuit, I suggest you do everything you can to clear your schedule and get your ass in gear to see me!

I’ll be in Boston twice this spring. TWICE. You’re welcome. The first trip is March 22th-24th and the second is tentatively scheduled for April 25th-27th. I’ll be bringing the usual assortment of filth in my suitcases, and staying at a chic hotel in Back Bay. Fill out the session request form on my online booking page to inquire about a session. I’m already mostly booked for my March Boston trip, and taking inquiries for April!