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Finally! I’m getting back to my home away from home. London, I will be all up inside you from October 25-30! I’ll be staying in Central but will only be conducting sessions at a dungeon in Bloomsbury. Should you like to see me, I recommend getting on my radar ASAP. I am already taking booking requests a whole month in advance. Please fill out my booking form to begin the process:

On the agenda this trip are some old fashioned CP sessions; stern, over the knee spankings; advanced roleplay the likes of which you’ve never seen and will never see again; deep, existential D/s; submissive male mind control for the seasoned slave; beginner slave introduction to BDSM (student discount!); and leather, leather, shoes, shoes, and latex latex.

Do something kind for yourself. You’ve earned it.

Mistress Darcy visiting London and Manchester. Photo by Tom Maybe.

I’ll be in Manchester May 4-6 on vanilla business and seeing a limited number of slaves while I’m there. If you’re interested in setting something up, let me know ASAP. You can apply at

Although I’ll be sessioning out of a hotel in City Center, I will have all the equipment necessary for basic sessions. If you book by May 2, I can pack for your session specifically. I take off for England the night of May 2. It pays to be early in this instance, as I’m also positive I’ll be fully booked by the time I arrive on May 4.

Hello my little empire, I’m back in my heart’s home, London, for a few days in May. I can’t WAIT to show you how sadistic I’ve been feeling lately. Mercury only goes out of retrograde the day I arrive, so I will be doing lots of caning, whipping, paddling, flogging, spanking, tormenting, crushing and trampling. It’s been that kind of month.

If you’re ready to take a vacation for a day, book your time with me. I’m not in town all that often, and I know some of you are utterly desperate to see me again. And for you new faces, I’m completely thrilled to beat you. I mean meet you. Cheers!


Photo by Alex Blair

Back again, bitches. I know you’ve missed me. This will be one of my last trips to London in 2016, so make sure you get in touch NOW to get on my calendar! I can’t wait to see you all, and you are all no doubt desperate for ME.

Events include the International Femdom Ball October 8, the Camden Crunch October 14, and VIOLATE with Goddess Cleo and friends.


I’m thrilled to be offering doubles with this gorgeous woman, Kinky Alex. She’s got all of the BDSM bases covered and loves doing doubles with me when I’m in London. Whether you’re interested in a sub, a kinky fetish that perhaps you can’t find a Domme to satisfy, or even a naughty GFE experience, Alex is game for whatever. Surely you know by now some of my favorite sessions involve a slave girl by my side…

I fell in love with this beauty the moment I laid eyes on her. 5’7″ and in her mid-20’s, and as smart as they come, she’s enough to keep my hands full even without a slave present. Make sure you bring your best self when you inquire though; all requests should be polite and intelligent, as both she and I are extremely selective about who we see. With her travel schedule, I’m not even sure we have much space left while I’m in London. There may still be space on June 27, 28 and 29.

I’ll be seeing slaves with her at a private space in Central London. Please fill out my online booking form and email Alex separately as well to introduce yourself.

Darcy London.72.wm

Finally. London, I’ve missed you so.

LONDON: April 18-25

I’ll be in town to visit friends, party, and of course see my loyal slaves. If you’ve been anxious to see me in the UK (and there are hundreds of you), please take a moment to email me and get on my calendar now. I will be fully booked by the time I arrive, as usual. If you’ve not seen me before please fill out my online booking form.

Domestic sessions in Central London will be available, as well as dungeon rental sessions in Bloomsbury.

Queen Femdom Goddess Darcy wm 72

Exciting news, UK slaves. I’ll be back in London for ten glorious days this fall. Although I have not confirmed the trip yet, I’m anticipating being there from the end of August through early September and should be booking my flight shortly. I know a lot of you are dying to see me as I’ve already gotten about two dozen requests from eager ladies and gentlemen alike. Make sure you submit your applications asap if you want to guarantee time with me! If you’ve never seen me before, fill out my online form here. If you have seen me before just drop me an email. I require deposits on almost all sessions.


I’ll be sessioning out of Central London in a private dungeon that has a full BDSM kit and suspension rig. It’s clean, discreet, and very easy to get to. Domestic sessions are also available for newbies and slaves who want a more “realistic” experience of girlfriend roleplay or domination in a vanilla setting. I already plan on doing a lot of toilet training, humiliation, edge play and corporal punishment while I’m in London, based on the requests I’ve gotten. If your interests fall outside of that, however, let me know in advance via my online form and I’ll be sure to bring the proper equipment and wardrobe to make it an exciting session for us both.

One of the reasons I keep returning to England is my massive network of scene friends there. I always party my hardest when I’m in England, as I find the kink scene in London to be unparalleled to anything else in the entire world. I plan on attending Torture Garden September 4, which resumes its indoor blowouts at Electrowerkz and the Coronet for the fall. I’ll also be at the Fix Up Look Sharp munch on August 30 in Central London. If you see me at any fetish parties or munches, you can always politely introduce yourself as a fan. Bonus points if you ask for an autograph on your knees: I do love being recognized in public, especially on foreign soil.



Look alive, boys! I’m planning my next trip overseas. Very excited to be headed back so soon. This trip is pretty much an even split between slaves and friends. I’ll be out of commission both weekends for various events, and seeing my subs on the weekdays whenever I can fit them in (both day and night).

Dublin: July 24-25

London: July 26-August 2

In Dublin I will be staying near Trinity College in a nice hotel suite. I’ll be traveling with loads of equipment, everything from CP to bondage to humiliation and sissie training. I am actually almost fully booked for my Dublin dates already, with time slots left on Friday early afternoon and Thursday and Friday late night.

When I get to London I’ll be rushing straight into the arms of my friends until the 27th and then open to seeing slaves after that. I’ll be staying in Central London and will have access to both a nice domestic space and dungeons in Bloomsbury and Chiswick–both fully equipped with suspension, bondage, cages, etc. I’ll be attending Club Pedestal on July 31st as well for anyone who wants to say hello to me there. Flowers and gifts always welcome!

Again, I am almost completely full for Dublin and about 1/3 booked for London already. Email me asap to set something up.



I’ll be spending a week in Liverpool and conducting sessions both there and in Manchester from June 9-13 and 15-17.  It’s been awhile since I paid attention to my Northern lads and lasses, and I can’t wait to reconnect with some old faces. I’ll have access to dungeon space in both cities. My specialty sessions on offer will be cuckolding and toilet training, including my infamous All Day Toilet experience. If you’d like to book, send me a polite and concise email outlining available dates, times, and interests; I’ll need advance notice and a deposit.

My London trip will, as ALWAYS, be a total whirlwind. I’m attending the Hogspy Live party June 13th, then catching up with friends and slaves the rest of the week (when I’m not up North). June 20th is a double-header with both the Camden Crunch and Club Decadence. If I survive the night, I’ll be sessioning the evening of the 21st and during the day on the 22nd. I also have some time during the day on the 19th and 20th for a few appointments. Options for sessions include the standard array of D/s, BDSM and slave training activities. Although I accommodate BDSM sessions, I am a D/s specialist;  I highly recommend reading some of my other recent blog entries in order to prepare adequately for our meeting. If you don’t know the subtle but crucial distinction between BDSM and D/s please do not ask me until you have spent at least three hours on the internet trying to figure it out for yourself.

Finally, I’ll be taking some time in Sussex for a private fetish event with friends. You can’t go wrong with a kinky mansion. Unfortunately I’m not available for sessions while I’m down there. Work hard, play hard. Or in my case: play hard, play hard.