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Hello slaves! I am spending most of the summer in LA. Prepare thyselves!

I’ll have access to both a private domestic space in Hollywood as well as dungeon sessions. If you haven’t already, please fill out my online booking form. Looking forward to some authentic D/s and hardcore slave training when I arrive.

On the menu: humiliation, mind control, toilet training, psychological edge play, roleplay, forced bi, cuckolding, CBT, sadism, CP, whipping, discipline, feminization, consensual nonconsent, and much more.

My good friend Empress Avery and I are teaming up for double sessions this summer. If you think you can bear our beauty side by side, and your tolerance for physical or emotional pain is high, then by all means book a session.

You can learn more about her at Empress Avery’s Website. She is a master at roleplay, emotional sadism, sensual domination, foot and body worship, and mind control. We have a lot in common!

I’ll be in NY July 1-13, LA July 14-August 14, NY Aug 15-18, and LA August 19-31. Try to catch us on one of those trips!

Hello slaves! A flying journey into LA for a few days. Looking forward to seeing all of you again. Book IN ADVANCE as I have a packed vanilla schedule while I’m in town. I’ll be seeing slaves at a domestic apartment in Hollywood.

I’ll be packing for CBT and heavy NT, humiliation, cross-dressing and feminization, toilet training, roleplay, latex and leather fetishes and a LOT of corporal punishment! Whips, canes, floggers, and more. Spoil yourself with a few hours under my control.


Hey bitches, I’m back in LA Dec 3-6! I love California so much, I just can’t stand to stay away. I’ll be renting a darling little apartment in the Hollywood Hills and conducting the majority of my sessions there. I’ll also be able to travel to any of the main dungeons in LA if you want to experience that setting, but I’ll need advanced notice.

My specialties on this trip will be cuckolding, lingerie, leather worship, chastity, toilet training, humiliation, hardcore D/s and mind control, forced fem, beatings, and foot worship.

Fill out my online booking form to get on my calendar. I’m already taking requests!

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Like spider in her web, waiting for her next victim.

I’m back in my dear, treasured California and am beyond excited to enjoy the weather and food while I’m there. I’ll be offering sessions while in LA and look forward to catching up with all my old slaves, as well as plenty of new ones. Be aware this is one of my LAST TRIPS where the door is wide open to newcomers. It will be much, much harder to see me starting in the fall.

While in LA I will be offering dungeon sessions at a fully-equipped dungeon in Culver City, as well as domestic sessions at my private apartment in Hollywood. I’ll be traveling a large suitcase of personal equipment as well, so if you’re hoping for a specific activity please apply now so that I can pack for you. I already have two All Day Toilets booked to see me while I’m in town; if you’ve never experienced that now is your chance. I’m world famous for it.

Other activities I enjoy: humiliation, mind fucking, caning, whipping, flogging, corporal, NT, CBT, teasing and torment, feminization, psychological domination and roleplay.

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Exciting news, California! I’m back in LA April 11-13! Just a couple days, but enough time to see one or two lucky slaves. I’ll be staying in Venice Beach with access to any of the dungeons on the West side of town.

Please fill out my online booking form if you wish to make arrangements for the trip. I’ll have only time for a few sessions, so apply ASAP!


Christ do I need a little sunshine. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about California ever since Christmas! And to all of you grateful LA slaves who’ve been hounding me to come out: you’re welcome.

I’ll be visiting friends in LA April 29th-May 4th and will be entertaining a few appointments while I’m in town. if you want to try to schedule, please fill out my booking form ASAP.  I will require a $100 deposit on all sessions for the trip. Domestic sessions available in the Hollywood Hills, or dungeon sessions available at any of the major facilities.

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SO excited to be back in LA this week. I’ll be in town specifically for an all-day session but do have time for about 3 or 4 new slaves who want an audience with me. I am staying in West Hollywood and doing mostly sessioning out of my rental apartment (awesome roof deck and pool for public humiliation), but do have access to a number of the dungeons around town with enough notice – Submission LA, Dungeon West, IronGate Studio, etc.

I will be packing tons of CP and CBT equipment. Feeling incredibly sadistic lately. Also in my suitcase: electrics, massive dildos, chastity devices, hoods, gags, and basic travel bondage.

My public humiliation sessions (i.e. Degradation Dates) are fair game as well, and I will be able to do doubles with many of the well-known Dommes in LA. Sheri Darling, Justine Cross, Ariana Lexine, and Eden Winter are all friends of mine. The only thing better than me by myself is me with a few girlfriends to goad me on.

The Bitch is back! Finally getting out West this summer. I’ve been trying to schedule this trip for so long I can’t even remember when I started planning it. I have a few events out in California to attend, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see everyone who’s been asking after me for the past 2 years.

If you’re wondering what I’m like and the kinds of sessions I offer, go to my website you lazy cunt. If you already know me, then you know my emphasis on psychological control, humiliation, cuckolding, showers, and my deftness with the cane.

LOS ANGELES: August 15-17

SACRAMENTO: August 17-19

SEATTLE: August 19-24

In addition:
-New electroshock collar which has come in handy at dinners and outings
-Surprise visits from additional Dommes, cuckold Bulls and forced bi studs
-Full toilet sessions and 2-3 minute golden showers
-Diaper training and adult babysitting
-Public humiliation that pushes the limits of anything you’re used to

Just be aware I am usually fully booked by the time I arrive in any city while I’m touring. Now that you’ve read this you have no excuse to try to schedule with me last minute. Please take a moment now (yes, you have to take your hand off your dick) and send me an email at to discuss details.