The Bitch is back! Finally getting out West this summer. I’ve been trying to schedule this trip for so long I can’t even remember when I started planning it. I have a few events out in California to attend, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to see everyone who’s been asking after me for the past 2 years.

If you’re wondering what I’m like and the kinds of sessions I offer, go to my website you lazy cunt. If you already know me, then you know my emphasis on psychological control, humiliation, cuckolding, showers, and my deftness with the cane.

LOS ANGELES: August 15-17

SACRAMENTO: August 17-19

SEATTLE: August 19-24

In addition:
-New electroshock collar which has come in handy at dinners and outings
-Surprise visits from additional Dommes, cuckold Bulls and forced bi studs
-Full toilet sessions and 2-3 minute golden showers
-Diaper training and adult babysitting
-Public humiliation that pushes the limits of anything you’re used to

Just be aware I am usually fully booked by the time I arrive in any city while I’m touring. Now that you’ve read this you have no excuse to try to schedule with me last minute. Please take a moment now (yes, you have to take your hand off your dick) and send me an email at to discuss details.